The first IFLA/ALA Webinar 2018 is now available online!



The first Webinar of 2018, organized jointly by IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group,IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning and the American Library Association , had a great participation.
One of the reasons of this success could have been the alluring theme: “Can the library do everything? The changing role of librarians and the library as a space of social inclusion “.

The other reason was for the quality of the talks offered by the following professionals: Dr. Mei-Mei Wu, Kelly McElroy and Magalí Sanchez were very clear in their presentations, and they generated a series of interesting questions

webinars presenters copia

For those who want to listen again to these speakers and for those who could not be present, we offer them the possibility of accessing the full Webinar

And remember that soon we will be reporting on the new Webinar: “Can new librarians have a voice? Training and professional development vs. workplace reality.”

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