Leadership Team

As an IFLA special interest group, NPSIG has two official leadership roles- Convenor and Information Coordinator. These positions are voluntary, and are based on a two-year term. The Convenor serves as the main liaison to the greater IFLA organization and leads programming efforts. The Information Coordinator serves as social media manager and oversees NPSIG’s online presence.

Current Leadership 

Vesna Vuksan, Convenor 

Vesna VuksanVesna Vuksan is an adventurer in a world of creative and innovative librarianship, communications, marketing, IT and advocacy. She loves working with people, stirring the mud, powering up and changing library environments for better.

Vesna is currently employed at the University Library in Belgrade, Serbia, but is a public librarian at heart. She was not born with such heart — it was shaped through 9-year work in Belgrade City Library. Vesna is an IFLA International Leaders Programme Associate (2016-2018). Her other honours include InfoShare Award 2015, Best Academic Librarian in Serbia 2014, Jay Jordan IFLA/OCLC Early Career Development Fellowship Program 2009.

She is nuts about cars, loves the sun, oven baked potatoes and travels that include salty water realms. She is one of the founders of a fashion line for librarians called “Bibliotanci” (aka Libraliens) aimed at having fun while fighting stereotypes. She sometimes wears two different earrings.

Milan Vasiljević, Co-Convenor 

Milan Vasiljevic

Milan Vasiljević has more than eight years of professional experience in various types of libraries. He is an IFLA Standing Committee member of Library Theory & Research Section for the term 2013-2017. He was a participant in Jay Jordan IFLA/OCLC Early Career Development Fellowship Program in 2011. He is author of papers on library and web environment, standards, etc. He organizes trainings for librarians and participates in projects dealing with the development of libraries. He is a passionate cyclist, swimmer and runner (in any order).

Antoine Torrens, Information coordinator

Antoine Torrens haLaVillettes served as an intern in many kinds of libraries in France, in Germany and in Japan. For his first real job, he is now working at Dauphine University library, where he is in charge of the Research library as well as of some digital projects.

He dreams of opening libraries up to many domains and wants to build libraries everywhere : in deserts, in forests, in gardens, in trees, in any place humans can access. He attaches great importance to advocacy and has been taking part in the Cycling for libraries adventure in 2014 and 2015.

Antoine is passionate about languages and writing systems, about new working spaces and about serious and non-serious games.

Katia Shklyar, Information Co-Coordinator 

KatiaKatia found herself in the library field some 4 years ago after having experience in different areas, from culture management, journalism and marketing to tourism. Now working in Espoo city library (Finland) she is doing her best in using her Master’s degree in Public Relations. Library advocacy, marketing and international cooperation are her key interests. She is also actively involved into multicultural library work and development of services for children and youth.

She loves cycling and bicycles, and after attending the first Cycling for Libraries- unconference in 2011 became an excited co-organizer of Cycling for Libraries 2012 and 2013, considering it to be one of the best examples of library advocacy, marketing and international networking.

Apart from the cycling, she loves dance and dancing, sea, photography, culinary experiments and traveling.

Andrés Reinoso

ARAndrés works in the  Bialet Massé Library of the Argentine Ministry of Labour. He is Vice President of the Asociación Civil de Bibliotecarios Jurídicos (ACBJ), and also a professor in the career of librarianship of the Instituto de Formación Superior Técnica nº 13, in Buenos Aires.

He likes to research on social librarianship, especially indigenous libraries. He believes in Open Government policies and in the advocacy of the libraries in their communities. Avid reader of J. L. Borges, if he hadn’t been a librarian, he would have liked to be a professional chess player. He loves horse riding and archery, although he does not practice as often as he would like.

And he hasn’t found the book he is looking for yet.


Past Leadership

Maria Violeta Bertolini, Convenor (2015-2016)

Bridgette Hendrix, Convenor (2014-2015)

Kimberly White, Information Coordinator (2014-2015)

Molly Schwartz, Convenor (2013-2014)

Sebastian Wilke, Convenor (2009-2014)

Dierk Eichel, Information Coordinator (2010-2013)

Joanna Ball, Co-Convenor (2008-2009)

Andrew Cranfield, Founder (2004)

Stuart Hamilton, Founder (2004)

Loida Garcia-Febo, Founder (2004)

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