As an IFLA special interest group, NPSIG has two official leadership roles – Convenor and Information Coordinator. These positions are voluntary, and are based on a two-year term. The Convenor serves as the main liaison to the greater IFLA organization and leads programming efforts. The Information Coordinator serves as social media manager and oversees NPSIG’s online presence. Other roles (Co-convenor, Social media coordinator and Volunteer coordinator) are introduced based on the rising needs of the group. Starting 2017, we have also introduced a new role of an Associate, a highly committed volunteer who supports NPSIG activities.

Current Leadership team

Antoine Torrens (France), Co-convenor (2017 – 2019), previously Information Coordinator (2015 – 2017)

Antoine Torrens has served as an intern in many kinds of libraries in France, in Germany and in Japan. After working at Dauphine University library in Paris, he is now the director of the Public libraries in Compiègne, France.

He dreams of opening libraries up to many domains and wants to build libraries everywhere: in deserts, in forests, in gardens, in trees, in any place humans can access. He attaches great importance to advocacy and has been taking part in the Cycling for libraries adventure since 2014.

Antoine is passionate about languages and writing systems, about new working spaces and about serious and non-serious games.

Andrés Reinoso (Argentina), Information Coordinator (2017 – 2019)

ARAndrés works in the Bialet Massé Library of the Argentine Ministry of Labour. He is Vice President of the Asociación Civil de Bibliotecarios Jurídicos (ACBJ), and also a professor in the career of librarianship of the Instituto de Formación Superior Técnica nº 13, in Buenos Aires.

He likes to research on social librarianship, especially indigenous libraries. He believes in Open Government policies and in the advocacy of the libraries in their communities. Avid reader of J. L. Borges, if he hadn’t been a librarian, he would have liked to be a professional chess player. He loves horse riding and archery, although he does not practice as often as he would like.

And he hasn’t found the book he is looking for yet.

Magdalena Gomułka (Poland), Volunteer coordinator (2017 -2019)

Assane Fall (Senegal), Social media coordinator (2017 – 2019)

Assane Fall

Assane is passionate about libraries and the digital. He did his training in library and information science at the EBAD in Dakar and is currently working as Project Manager in Feusseul (an association that works for the promotion and development of libraries in Senegal).
Assane is the communication coordinator of the association of Senegalese librarians (ASBAD) and BSF Campus Leader of Library Without Borders.
His ambition is to make libraries a key space in development, education and innovation in Senegal.


Marija Simunovic (Croatia), Associate 


Marija is a university librarian, currently working in the Library and Documentation Centre at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb. She is the Professional Secretary of the Croatian library association (CLA), editor-in-chief of the CLA website, member of the CLA Commission for Advocacy and the Work group for Social media. Marija is especially proud to be a member of the Zagreb library association Work group ZKD Biciklisti (Cyclicsts of Zagreb library association).

She is a librarian who is interested in patrons, online resources, advocacy, social networks and gadgets. She is passionate about hiking, cycling, nature, society and libraries. Her goal is to allow libraries and librarians to be recognized as the driving force of the local and global society, she believes that librarians have the power to change the world.

Andrew Finegan (Australia), Associate 

DSC00212Andrew Finegan is a Reference Librarian at the National Library of Australia. For many years, he has been an active advocate for New Professionals in the Library and Information sector, as a former Convenor of the ALIA New Graduates Group in Australia, and an organising committee member of the ALIA New Librarians’ Symposium. In recent years, he has taken his professional skills abroad, working on a range of cultural and community development projects in Papua New Guinea, Vietnam and Kosovo. Since attending IFLA WLIC in 2017, he is keen to continue building connections and sharing ideas on an international level – where he still feels very much like a new professional. When he’s not in the library, he enjoys swing dancing and riding his bicycle.

Małgorzata (Gosia) Grabiszewska Rehfus, Associate

Following a Master Degree in Philosophy from University of Lodz, Poland, and a career as a translator and interpreter, Gosia will soon be graduating from the Master of Library and Information Science program at Kent State University. Gosia’s interests center on organization of information, in particular: knowledge organization systems, metadata architecture, and integration of library and museum collections with the Semantic Web. You can view a sample of her work here:

In addition to diversity and inclusion as issues particularly close to her heart, Gosia takes special interest in international librarianship and has been involved with IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group over the past year. Among other things, she helped prepare IFLA Global Vision Report.

Gosia has recently completed her graduate internship at the OCLC Library, Archive and Museum and currently works as a ProQuest Associate at the State Library of Ohio. She is the recipient of the 2018 Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO) Diversity Scholarship.

Past Leadership

Vesna Vuksan, Convenor (2017 – 2018)

Katya Shklyar, Information Co-coordinator (2015-2017)

Milan Vasiljevic, Co-convenor (2015-2017)

Maria Violeta Bertolini, Convenor (2015-2016)

Bridgette Hendrix, Convenor (2014-2015)

Kimberly White, Information Coordinator (2014-2015)

Molly Schwartz, Convenor (2013-2014)

Sebastian Wilke, Convenor (2009-2014)

Dierk Eichel, Information Coordinator (2010-2013)

Joanna Ball, Co-Convenor (2008-2009)

Andrew Cranfield, Founder (2004)

Stuart Hamilton, Founder (2004)

Loida Garcia-Febo, Founder (2004)


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