WLIC 2011 Satellite Meeting

“New Professionals beyond New Professionals – skills, needs and strategies of a new generation of LIS professionals”

New Professionals Special Interest Group
IFLA World Library and Information Congress
San Juan, Puerto Rico
August 13-18, 2011

Location and Dates

The off-site session will be hosted by the Graduate School of Information Sciences and Technologies in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Monday, August 15, from 9:45 to 12:45. It will take place in the conference room of the Madre María Teresa Guevara Library, University of Sacred Heart (208 Ponce de León Ave. Popular Suite 1501. Hato Rey, PR).

To get to the venue, we will meet at 8:15 in front of the Convention Center and take Bus #10  to Estacion Sagrado Corazon (train station). From there it is only a short walk. Don’t worry about the transportation, there will be someone to guide you from the Convention Center to the venue. Please make sure you carry four .25 cents two 50 cent coins with you for the bus rides from and to the convention center. The bus driver accepts coins only.


As seats are limited, all participants are required to register for this event. Please use the online registration form for this purpose.

Official #hashtag for social media coverage

Please use the hashtag #npsig2011 in your tweets (ideally along with #wlic2011). For blog posts, flickr and youtube uploads, slideshare presentations, etc., please use the same tag npsig2011.

Theme and scope of the session

Change and innovation have always been a constant factor in the field of library and information science. New Professionals play an eminent role in this process, especially nowadays. Professionally grown up in a setting of rapid technological development, mobile innovation and the huge impact of social media, they got used to try out new tools and ways of collaboration and also developed new skills and competencies on the way. Thereby they are becoming the real drivers of change within the LIS profession. During the upcoming IFLA Congress in 2011, we want to examine the current generation of New Professionals from a variety of perspectives and showcase best practices from all over the world.

One of the most important benefits of attending conferences such as IFLA is the opportunity to meet like-minded people, to share ideas and to come up with great new projects. We would like to foster this experience within our session, so be prepared for some exciting new and open formats and plenty of space for informal networking and exchange!


The full session has been recorded and is now available on our youtube channel – enjoy!

August 15, 2011

9:45-10:15 Welcome  by NPSIG convenor Sebastian Wilke

Opening Keynote by IFLA Past President Claudia Lux: “Change – Change – Change”

10:15-10:45 speed networking

10:45-12:10 short presentations at five minutes each:

  1. Job Search 2.0: Where Web 2.0, Libraries & the Great Job Search Collide, Issues & Opportunities for MLIS Graduates” by Candice Melinda LaPlante, USA
  2. Congratulations! You’ve Landed an Interview: What Do Hiring Committees Really Want?” by Megan Hodge and Nicole Spoor, USA
  3. Rafting in a library: Navigating the development of new tools and services” by Milan Vasiljević, Serbia
  4. The Community Manager in libraries” by Julián Marquina Arenas, Alicia Moreno Camara and Juan José Prieto Gutiérrez, Spain
  5. The Library Grows With Me! – Summer School for Young Romanian Librarians” by Cristina Vǎileanu, Anca Râpeanu and Monica Avram, Romania
  6. Using Web 2.0 tools to enhance the teaching and learning of LIS: a case study on best practices at the University of Puerto Rico” by Nitza M. Hernández López and Carlos Suárez-Balseiro, Puerto Rico
  7. The Diversity Imperative for Cultivating 21st Century Librarians: The Knowledge River Model” by Jessica Hernandez and Sandy Littletree, USA
  8. The new LIS professional from the perspective of the interdisciplinarity and the Colombian context” by Alejandro Tinoco Carillo and Daniel Gordillo Sánchez, Colombia
  9. The essence of modern LIS professionals” by Teemu Rauhala, Finland
  10. Key skills and competencies of a new generation of LIS professionals” by Pussadee Nonthacumjane, Thailand
  11. Living in an e-only world” by Patrick Danowski, Austria

12:10-12:40 group discussion

12:40-12:45 closing words

Further information: Full papersCall for Papers | local information.

With kind support of:

Proquest Springer

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