Ideas para la acción!

Como saben, los últimos meses estuvieron realmente ocupados para nuestra comunidad bibliotecaria. ¡Se organizaron muchas actividades, talleres y discusiones en 190 países! Los resultados de las reuniones y los datos de votación fueron elaborados por la Federación Internacional de Asociaciones e Instituciones Bibliotecarias (IFLA) y permitieron crear un Informe de Visión Global. Aquí su versión en español.
Ahora es el momento de dar el siguiente paso!
Nos gustaría invitarte a compartir tu opinión sobre las oportunidades más importantes para el trabajo y la experiencia de tu Unidad Profesional. Puedes hacerlo a través de esta encuesta Global Vision 2018.
¡Dale un poco de tiempo para completarlo, porque tu contribución es muy importante!
Tienes tiempo hasta el 10 de julio, y luego las respuestas se enviarán a la IFLA para sintetizarlas e incluirlas en las futuras estrategias de la IFLA.
Entonces, esta es nuestra visión, ¡nuestro futuro! Por favor, haz clic aquí para completar el formulario.
Para mayor información sobre #iflaGlobalVision



Librarian and Fashion: The NPSIG invites colleagues from around the world to join its campaign called #LibrarianFashion!

How to participate ?
It’s simple, just share your photos showing off your fashion stylings at work on social networks (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) and include the hashtag #LibrarianFashion.
These images, the NPSIG is organizing a session at the next IFLA congress on the theme: “Librarian Fashion: What does the way we dress say about us? ”

This session will include presentations and discussion where we reflect on the way we express ourselves, and the professional image that this presents to our library users, to our communities and, to a lesser extent, to our colleagues.

So, act now! Take your photos and share them with a comment and remember to use the hashtag #LibrarianFashion!
The campaign starts now and this until August 15, 2018 !

The first IFLA/ALA Webinar 2018 is now available online!



The first Webinar of 2018, organized jointly by IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group,IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning and the American Library Association , had a great participation.
One of the reasons of this success could have been the alluring theme: “Can the library do everything? The changing role of librarians and the library as a space of social inclusion “.

The other reason was for the quality of the talks offered by the following professionals: Dr. Mei-Mei Wu, Kelly McElroy and Magalí Sanchez were very clear in their presentations, and they generated a series of interesting questions

webinars presenters copia

For those who want to listen again to these speakers and for those who could not be present, we offer them the possibility of accessing the full Webinar

And remember that soon we will be reporting on the new Webinar: “Can new librarians have a voice? Training and professional development vs. workplace reality.”

Ready for the IflaCamp6?


Hi, Wonderful librarians!

We are already heating the engines for the WLIC Kuala Lumpur 2018 so, who wants to be the first to register in IflaCamp6?

Refresh the main data: The 6th edition of IFLAcamp will take place on August 23 in Selangor in Malaysia. It will be held in Incredible Raja Tun Uda Library, Shah Alam (Selangor Public Library). As for August 24, it will be in Kuala Lumpur (location will be determined soon).

Where we are going to do the best IflaCamp ever, because we’re going to be in one of the most beautiful libraries in the world . Do not believe? Please, look at the photos en the IflaCamp6 official web site, and while you imagine how wonderful time we are going to spend there, complete this registration form by June 30th



Interview: Nicole Pagowsky (Librarian Wardrobe)

“We need to think of ourselves differently in order to affect change in how the public perceives and interacts with us”


Nicole Pagowsky is a young professional with a large trajectory, librarian and Instruction Coordinator at the University of Arizona. As she says on her website, her research interests include student motivation, educational theory, and critical pedagogy.

In 2014, she published with Myriam Rigby the book “The Librarian Stereotype: Deconstructing Perceptions and Presentations of Information Work“, an exhaustive work that focuses on the construction of the image of the librarian from the theoretical-methodological analysis of the social sciences. That same year she published “Ice Ice Baby: Are Librarian Stereotypes Freezing Us out of Instruction?

She is the creator of a very popular blog “Librarian Wardrobe” where librarians from all over the world send their photos to show their cool look, aiming to break (or not!) stereotypes.

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