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Webinars 2020: we have the winning topics!


Dear Collegues:

Finally, we have the selection of topics chosen for the IFLA / ALA 2020 Free Webinars

We want to thank you for the record partition of this survey: for two weeks colleagues from all over the world were able to access the voting platform, and at the end we got 180 votes! It was not easy to choose between so many interesting topics, and after a closed eleccion in the Mentimeter survey, the four selected are the following:

  • Capacitation: what kind of training do you need to be a modern librarian
  • Replacing old for new: New ways of library technology trends
  • Open Access in open libraries for open communities
  • How to market your library: Events in the Library to transform communities

Webinars 2020 final

These Webinars will be organized jointly by IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group, IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning and the American Library Association during 2020.

Soon we will be providing more information on this subject.


#Hi everyone!

In Matica Srpska Library, on warm december day, Serbian librarians from higher educational libraries had time to hearing presentation 🙂

“Did you find your place at IFLA organization – NPSIG LIKE AN OPTION!”

After a survey, we talked about activities and ideas which are always welcome 💡 We wanted to inspired them to get involved and connected on global level. Our dear colleagues from Serbia met NPSIG and they got a clear invitation to JOIN US!

New Professionals SIG's birthday

Yes, it’s this D-A-Y. We start to celebrating our birthday!

15 years ago the New Profesionals Special Group (NPSIG) was formed by Loida Garcia-Febo, Andrew Cranfield and Stuart Hamilton. This group was supposed to be a place for everyone who wanted to develop, share experience and find out more about IFLA. And it happened!

During this time new professionals worked with amazing colleagues from all over the world. We organized (un-)conferences, happenings, meetings on the Internet and in a real life, webinars, and sessions during IFLA Congress as well.

We interviewed many passionate librarians and experts from librarianship, wrote interesting articles (we hope!), and published hot news on our social media.

New Professionals SIG could not be this group without all present and past members, convenors and associates. It is thanks to them that today we celebrate the birthday!

Would you like to join us and give your best wishes to NPSIG? There are couple ways you can do it:

  1. Write your wishes in your profile, posts or comments on the NPSIG fanpage. Remember about using a special hashtag: #NPISGbday15
  2. Create a birthday card and publish it in social media or just send to our gmail. You don’t have idea how to create the card? We tell you! You can use Canva (we work in this programme so often 🙂

Here you have a short tutorial:

and a few examples of birthday cards (they’re waiting for use):

Remember also about our hashtag: #NPSIGbday15

We plan to celebrate our birthday for not just one day but a few… At the end of our celebrating we promise to publish the most fantastic wishes on our blog!

Stay tuned for next days and see what we’ve also prepared for you!

Webinars 2020: elije los temas!

choice-2692575_1920Hola a todos,

Nos gustaría presentarle la selección final de los temas del seminario web que obtuvimos de la última encuesta. No fue una tarea fácil porque tenemos muchas respuestas. ¡Muchas gracias por su ayuda!

Así que ahora es el momento del siguiente paso.

Hemos resumido sus sugerencias a 10 temas que puede elegir en la página Mentimeter (en idiomas inglés)
El código de votación es: 88 19 72

El sistema de votación es muy simple: tiene cien puntos para distribuir de la manera que desee entre los diferentes temas (puede asignar 10, 20, 40 … como desee, pero debe gastar los cien).

¡Dinos qué webinars quieres tener!

Nueva Fecha límite: 6 de diciembre de 2019

Informaremos los resultados en breve. ¡Gracias por participar!