Open NPSIG Meeting For Everyone

IFLA elections to sections, committees and groups are on going. There is a possibility to apply to IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group as well so we decided to organise a Zoom meeting about our group.

This meeting will be held on February 1st (Wednesday) at 9 am CET and 7 pm CET. We decided to have two meetings because of time zones but the agenda would be the same.

If you would like to find out more about us, what we are doing, what plans do we have, and how you can get involved, register for our meeting. Registration links you can find below.

For February 1st at 9 am CET:

For February 1st at 7 pm CET:

See you there!


IFLA SET Webinars for LIS Students

IFLA’s Education and Training Section is back with great webinars for LIS students. You can either join as an attendant and learn about all of the exciting things you can do in the libraries, or you can submit a proposal and be a presenter for one of the webinars.

November’s Webinar is about different career paths that you can follow after getting your LIS degree. Yes, you can do so much with your degree! Come and learn about what other LIS students have done in private or public sectors.

You can register for the webinar here. It’ll be fun!

Have you done volunteer work in the libraries, library associations and other library institutions as an LIS student? You can submit a proposal for the December webinar on this page. International Volunteer Day is on December 5th and the December SET webinar is all about volunteering in the libraries.

Don’t miss these fun and informative webinars!

How to create and evaluate audiovisual content. “Digital Skills on Fire” Workshop at WLIC 2022 in Dublin

Workshop “Digital Skills on Fire” July 26, 2022 WLIC2022. Photo from IFLA NPSIG account on Flickr

Post written by Anna Bohl.

IFLA’s Audiovisual and Multimedia Section (AVMS) together with IFLA’s New Professionals Special Interest Group (NPSIG) offered a special interactive workshop on the use of open source applications and programmes to help users create digital content. Participants learned how to create, use and share some of the multimedia outputs, such as posters, short animations and promotional videos. Also discussed were the spread of synthetic media applications used to manipulate audiovisual content—tools that are used to spread misinformation or disinformation and to create deep fakes—as well as how to develop skills used to evaluate and verify information.

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International librarians’ flashmob – A tribute to Ulysses

The World Library and Information Congress (IFLA-WLIC) 2022 in Dublin, is an opportunity for librarians from many countries of the world to discover Ireland, Dublin, their culture and their literature.

In order to pay tribute to the importance of Irish literature in the world literature, IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group and the Library Association of Ireland organize a short flashmob where librarians are invited to read out an excerpt of James Joyce’s Ulysses in their own language. We will have paper sheets with the text of an except but bring your own copy if you can! (because books are beautiful)

Feel welcome to come and participate on Monday July 24th at 10:45 on Library Square!

The performance will include 3 times :

1. Preparation

From 10:45 to 10:55, we will provide participants with instructions and with linguistic versions of an excerpt of Ulysses.

2. Walking

From 10:55 to 10:59, we will go to some corner of the square and wait until it’s 11:00.

3. Reading

From 11:00 to 11:05, participants will walk to the square and/or the lawn and read out an excerpt of Ulysses in English or in their own language while walking.
During that time, some designated members and some photographs or journalists may take pictures and film the reading.


🇬🇧 English – Text 1

🇬🇧 English – Text 2

🇬🇧 English – Text 3

🇩🇪 German – Text 1

🇭🇺 Hungarian – Text 1

🇭🇷 Croatian – Text 1

🇫🇷 French – Text 1

🇫🇷 French – Text 2

🇫🇷 French – Text 3