Celebrate International Volunteers Day With Us !

IFLA’s Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning (CPDWL) Section and New Professionals Special Interest Group are celebrating #InternationalVolunteersDay on December 5th 2020, Saturday. We all volunteer to help support IFLA’s goals and as volunteers, we would like to celebrate this special day!

How can we celebrate this day together? Create a meme (What’s a Meme?) and you could win a prize! All librarians and library staff are welcome to submit a meme.

Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Create a meme (up to 4 memes!)
  2. Share it on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram (tag us!)
  3. Contest is from December 4 to December 6

Yes! It’s that easy!


Make sure your memes are appropriate and respectful. Any determined to be inappropriate will be removed.

No copyrighted images will be accepted.

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First Virtual Happy Hour!

Do you still remember the NPSIG Happy Hours which we usually organize during IFLA Conferences? We hope so and you miss our meetings like we do. So, it’s time to change it!
We would like to invite all of you to our Happy Hour where we will meet and hang out on the Zoom platform. You will meet the NPSIG team and have a good time with us.
Do you like karaoke? Well, that’s great because we plan to sing a few songs!

On November 24th at 7 PM CET, you need to connect with the Zoom platform by using this link: https://zoom.us/j/94609001968

Please check your time zone here.

Although, we have only an hour, this time promises to be interesting. We plan to talk and sing songs with using a karaoke programme. We also have a surprise. An instrumental music part of our meeting will be played by the members of the NPSIG: Jelena Vuksanović (flute) and Andres Reinoso (guitar). 

It will a great an example of inspiration for our NPSIG Music Contest which is still relevant. 

What you need to prepare for our meeting?

  • open a Zoom platform
  • have a Watch2gether in a browser
  • headphones
  • something to drink!

Save the date for our Happy Hour (24th November at 7CET) and join us!

We are sure that librarians can sing, play an instrument and dance!

New IFLA/ALA Webinar: Librarians supporting universal broadband to continue providing essential services to communities everywhere

IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace LearningIFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group, and the American Library Association invite of all you to take part in a free webinar “Librarians supporting universal broadband to continue providing essential services to communities everywhere”. This meeting is a part of the webinar series “New Librarians Global Connection: best practices, models and recommendations“.


Date/time:  Monday, December 14th at 10:00 am ET USA ; 4:00 pm Sweden; 8:30 pm India (check your time zones here: https://www.timeanddate.com/) Continue reading

What did librarian’s cooperation teach us?

Members of the NPSIG during the presentation at the Occupy Library 2020

The NPSIG’s participation in the Occupy Library, a four-day virtual Conference organized by the Progress Foundation, has been truly meaningful and has left us with great satisfaction.At a time when we must think and organize events for LIS professionals remotely, understands that we must continue to build together, since “The success of libraries of the future depends on the way they understand and engage in their local and regional ecology of institutions and initiatives supporting democracy and meaningful lifelong learning processes of the general public “.

During four days professionals and specialists from all over the world presented on the most diverse topics about the generation of innovative ideas for libraries. The IFLA President Christine Mackenzie, the Secretary General Gerald Leitner, Loida García Febo and the main leaders of different disciplines of interest were present. The response from the public was impressive, reaching more than a thousand attendees from all over the world. The experience was wonderful, and the platform chosen by the organizers was great with different stages, spaces for talks in virtual cafes and promotional booths.

Here we leave you the recordings of the Keynotes Speakers of this remarkable conference in case you want to listen to them again:

Our Convenor Magdalena Gomulka and our secretary Marija Simunovic were a great help for the organization of the event, moderating several sessions and offering invaluable technical assistance to contribute to the success of the event. Our group had their space in the virtual booth, where we put this video:

And finally, on Friday, September 24, we had our space with a one-hour talk, where Magdalena, Marija, Paria and Andrés shared the history of our group, our collaborative experience and anecdotes that were warmly received by colleagues from all over the world. We thank everyone who join us and for those who could not see our talk, we leave the link to see it:

We hope to see you again at our next event! Stay in touch!

NPSIG Business Week: The Recordings!

We are certainly going through a very particular year. At this time of year we had planned to organize the IFLAcamp 8 in Dublin, Ireland, for which we had many surprises but as we all know we must save our hopes for next year.
However, our desire to communicate with you generates great ideas. It occurred to us to organize in a virtual way our annual Business Meeting where we tell who we are, what we do and we invite all of you who want to add ideas and energy to participate in the New Professionals’ group.
But since we wanted to celebrate the diversity of our group and that the largest number of people could access our talks, we came up with the NPSIG Business Meetings Week in multiple languages!

And it certainly was a great effort. We know how complicated it was to coordinate a single international meeting, thinking of holding 4 successive meetings in 7 different languages was multiplying the complications, but if there was something we like, it was the challenges!

The first day was the business meeting in English, coordinated by our convenor Magdalena Gomulka and Paria Tajallipour, who was also in charge of offering a talk in Persian language. Our secretary Marija Simunovic, and Amber Cox were there as a technical support:

The second day was dedicated to Slavic languages audience: Magdalena spoke in Polish and Marija in Croatian, again present at the meeting, joined by Jelena Vuksanovic in Serbian. Very good meeting!

On the third day the language of the meeting was French, and it was in charge of Antoine Torrens and Assane Fall from the NPSIG Leadership Team (Assane was this person who came up with the great idea of multiple languages, thanks Assane!). In the technician support was Magdalena.

And the last day was dedicated to the Spanish-speaking audience. The talk was given by Ruth Navarro and Andrés Reinoso. Magdalena and Marija were in technical support. There were many people attending this meeting!

We must highlight the special presence of dear Loida García-Febo, founder of our group 16 years ago, who was introducing the talks about IFLA and NPSIG on the first day (in English) and the last day (in Spanish). Her presence was very appreciated by the public and especially by the NPSIG team .
And we also want to highlight our Convenor Magdalena, who showed her command of several languages, welcoming us in English, Polish, Croatian, French and Spanish!

In this post we summarized recordings of all meetings for those who want to see it. We’re waiting with  the door open to all the enthusiastic new professionals who want to work with us. To join this great group you need only write to our mail npsig.ifla@gmail.com and then we will start contributing ideas and energy together!


Presentations are published also on the Slideshare platform: