REFORMA- Promoting Hispanic Culture with Library Services

The following is a guest post by NPSIG volunteer Mary Marques. Mary currently works with REFORMA Northeast. More information, including links to her various projects, is included at the bottom of the post. Would you like to share your library or LIS association story with NPSIG? Get in touch with us at npsig.ifla[at]


REFORMA is the National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to the Latinos and the Spanish Speaking Community in the United States. REFORMA National and its nineteen chapters are committed to work together to preserve the language, the culture and the traditions of 56.2 million Spanish-speaking and Latino people in this part of the globe. According to the 2010 US Census, the Hispanic population grew up forty-three percent in comparison with the 2000 US Census. The result of this preliminary survey revealed that the Hispanic community, in the United States, is getting more ethnically diverse with a substantial grow of the Mexican population. Library leaders are taking this demographic data to analyses and to prioritize not only the purchase of books, but also to determine how to allocate the budget for programing, and how to market intergenerational-cultural events to the community that reflect cross-cultural competence. Continue reading

NPSIG 2014 Holiday Conference Redux

NPSIG Season Happy New Year NPSIG!

We’ve taken some time off for the holidays to rest and recharge, and we hope you’ve gotten a chance to as well. We’re bringing back our annual Holiday Conference Redux a little later than normal, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited to hear about everyone’s conference experiences in 2014! If you went to a conference or library meeting last year, share what you learned with us! As in previous years, we’re posting a sign up list online, so please indicate which conference you’d like to talk about under its corresponding month- i.e. if your conference took place in August 2014, enter your name and the conference information under the August heading.

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Welcome to the New NPSIG

Greetings New Professionals!

It’s turning from summer to fall here in the Northern hemisphere, and with the change of leaves comes changes with our group. The most immediate changes you’ll notice are to our site and our leadership. Sebastian Wilke is taking a step back from his role as convenor, but don’t worry- he’ll still be active in the group. I’m excited to assume the post of Convenor and have been working hard with Kimberly White, our new Information Coordinator, to come up with the best, most interesting content and programming for new professionals in our field. Continue reading

NPSIG @ WLIC 2014 & Guide to Lyon


NPSIG! Your leadership is officially in overdrive with last minute preparations for IFLAcamp 2014 and WLIC 2014, and we couldn’t be more excited! Below you’ll find a summary of our meetings and activities during the congress, as well as a link to a short guide to Lyon that our new Information Coordinator, Kimberly White, developed. We’re really looking forward to seeing you all in Lyon!

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