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New Professional Special Interest Group (NPSIG) are calling librarians to participate in a creative musical session with their audio visual materials or with their original songs. To take part in the competition part of “NPSIG Music Competition” please follow the guidelines below.


Because we know the potential for creativity and innovation of librarians, the New Professional Special Interest Group (NPSIG) welcomes you to participate in a musical session with their audiovisual materials or with their original songs.

Under the IFLA motto “Inspire, Engage, Enable and Connect”, we seek the creation of a short audiovisual piece with music  (with optional lyrics) that highlight the importance of the library in our communities. To participate in the “NPSIG Music Competition”, follow these guidelines:


Participants must submit an audio material (sound composition) or audiovisual material (a music video) that highlights the value and importance of our libraries. All music genres are welcome.



Participation is free. The contest is aimed at amateur creators. One or more members of a library staff may participate. You can attribute the authorship to one or more members, or to the Institutions that represent you.


All music and lyrics for audio visual content or songs should follow these guidelines:

– Make your song fully original.  If you can write your own music as well as lyrics, your song will be completely original! 

– If you want to use music from other sources, try to make sure you are not just singing over an existing song but rather that you try to play it yourself on an instrument (or get someone to help out!). Make sure, of course, that you have accessed the music legally!

– Avoid using professional recordings that have copyright on it – this may be identified as copyright infringement, even if you only use a sample of the music.

-Using your own language, make sure that you use any of IFLA languages for your song or audio visual content for subs.


The finished work must not last more than 5 minutes


The video work can be sent in the following formats: H.264 MP4 16Mbps, AAC audio 320 kbps High-quality audio settings. 


Applications should include

– Title of the audio/video clip

–  Name(s) of author(s) & position and/or title

–  Institution, country

–  Contact information including email address, telephone number

–  Short biographical statement of authors



  • Submission deadline: 15 June 2020:  a new date:  15 March 2021
  • Notification of acceptance will be sent by 15 July 2020: a new date:  15 April 2021


Participants must send their works as an attached file or through a link to a free platform via mail to npsig.ifla@gmail


Once the copyright of the composition is checked, NPSIG will have the reproduction rights to present the work during the IFLA WLIC Dublin 2020 and later to disseminate it through its communication channels and social networks, mentioning the authorship of the work.



For this contest the evaluation of the works received will be in charge of a commission formed by members of NPSIG, Audiovisual and Multimedia Section and the International Association of Music Libraries.


The criteria that will be taken into account for the evaluation of the compositions will be:

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Lyrics (excludes songs that do not have lyrics)
  • Melody
  • Humor
  • Regional and folkloric music


The results of the contest will be communicated the day 15 July 2020.

During the Music Session of the WLIC Dublin 2020 the best 10 videos received will be presented by the NPSIG. 

The three best videos according to the judges’ criteria will be awarded in Dublin. Winners will be communicated via email.


Three prizes will be awarded to the selected works. The authorship of the awards may be individual, collective or institutional. The prizes will be announced soon.



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