Virtual Business Meetings

We want NPSIG to be truly interactive for its international participants, so we hold regular business meetings online that are open to all who are interested in joining. We recognize the difficulty in getting a global community of busy new professionals together at the same time for an online meeting, so these meetings are archived to the best of our ability to increase transparency and participation in the group.

Meetings are held on a regular basis to keep new professionals informed of NPSIG happenings as well as news pertaining IFLA and the LIS world at large. Attendees are welcome to contribute developments in their own countries or share news about their own libraries or upcoming conferences.

Here’s a short video with past Convenor Sebastian Wilke discussing online involvement and introducing our Virtual Business Meetings:

Upcoming Virtual Business Meetings

Early July 2017, more info coming up!

Past Virtual Business Meetings

10th virtual NPSIG business meeting

21 May, 2017 | recording

9th virtual NPSIG business meeting

30 April, 2016 | agenda | recording

8th virtual NPSIG business meeting

19 December, 2015 | agenda | recording

7th virtual NPSIG business meeting

3 July, 2014 | agenda | virtual meeting room

6th virtual NPSIG business meeting

14 November, 2013 | agenda | recording

5th virtual NPSIG business meeting: special WLIC 2013 edition

1 August, 2013 | agenda | recording

4th virtual NPSIG business meeting

25 April, 2013 | agenda | recording

3rd virtual NPSIG business meeting

20 Feb 2013 | agenda | recording

2nd virtual NPSIG business meeting

15 Nov 2012 | agenda | recording

1st virtual NPSIG business meeting

27 Sept 2012 | agenda | recording

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