join the 4th virtual NPSIG business meeting on 25 April!

screenshot 3rd virtual NPSIG meeting

Come and join us on 25 April for the fourth virtual NPSIG business meeting! Let’s all catch-up on the latest developments and take a look at upcoming events of the NPSIG network and plans of the group. Here is the current agenda.

Date and times of the 4th virtual business meeting:

25 April, 2013
06:00 a.m., New York
11:00 a.m., London
12:00 p.m., Berlin (–> noon)
06:00 p.m., Singapore
09:00 p.m., Sydney

check out your time zone

length: 90 min

As a platform, we are going to use Adobe Connect that includes chat (IM, voice/video chat), sharing documents with each other and many more options. The meeting will be recorded for later use. To enter the virtual meeting room on Thursday, please use the following link:

The meeting will be open to everyone.

See also: Facebook event for the current meeting | archive with recordings of earlier meetings

UPDATE: The recording of the meeting is now available – enjoy!


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