Interview: David Ramirez Ordoñez (video)


In this path that we are traveling in the search of interesting personalities to interview in the librarianship, today we landed in Colombia.

There we meet David Ramírez Ordoñez, cheerful, friendly and very creative. David is a Professional in Information Science – Librarianship at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Bogotá, Colombia) and Master in Education from the same university. He is a fervent defender of public spaces and has been working for years on the defense of libraries in the field of copyright. Blogger, teacher, “digital librarian”, as you can see, it is not easy to classify it!


David is a member of the IFLA Leadership Program (2016 – 2018), thanks to which he has traveled all over the world, has known different library realities and, above all, has established collaborative networks that he never tires of creating new projects.

Among his many talents is drawing. To give an example, in the last IFLA Presidents Meeting in Barcelona, instead of taking notes of the talks, he made drawings. What did he do with all that? A very interesting sketchbook, the first “Comic Librarian” we know.

That’s why we asked David to “draw” this interview, and the result was great. We went through different topics and David went through them with lots of humor and deep thoughts. I think our friends will really enjoy watching the following video, which allows us to get to know David Ramírez Ordoñez more closely. Subtitles in english and in Spanish.

Thanks for sharing this moment, David!




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