And the 5th IFLAcamp will take place in…

obrThe Public Library of Lower-Silesia, in the very center of Wrocław!

NPSIG is proud to announce that the 5th edition of IFLAcamp will take place on August 17th and 18th at the Dolnośląska Biblioteka Publiczna im. Tadeusza Mikulskiego, the Regional public library, on Wrocław’s main square, the famous Rynek.

IFLAcamp is a two-day satellite meeting in the mode of an unconference that provides plenty of space for ad-hoc sessions and group discussions. The participant-driven approach allows for active involvement of all attendees and including all kinds of topics of interest.



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Registration for IFLAcamp 2014 is now open!

IFLAcamp Lyon 2014 logo

Click here to register for IFLAcamp 2014!

Greetings New Professionals-

Your trusty NPSIG leadership is excited to announce that registration for IFLAcamp 2014 in Lyon, France is now open! As with past IFLAcamps, 2014’s IFLAcamp will take place over the two days before the WLIC congress- so mark your calendars for Thursday, August 14th & Friday the 15th. In addition to the unconference style sessions you’ve come to expect at IFLAcamp, we’ll also be meeting up with Cycling for Libraries and planning a hackathon!

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registration for IFLAcamp starts on April Fools’ Day

Don’t be a fool and register for IFLAcamp, the first ever IFLA satellite unconference, on April Fools’ Day (01.04.2012)!


In conjunction with the  freakishly bike loving people from cyc4lib we will be starting our registration on just the same day – not to conclude the state of our minds from that mere incident.

So don’t oversleep and get ready for the cycle of your live all the way form Vilnius to Hämeenlinna. Just as Cycling for Libraries, IFLAcamp will have a limit of  100 participants.

aprils fools day

Good Luck.

Bibcamp4 – experiences with organizing an unconference as a student

By Sanita Maleja

On the 18th of March 2010 the unconference Bibcamp4 was held at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Latvia in Riga and was organized by LIS students.

The idea of organizing the unconference came to our minds when the question of the next BibCamp would occur. Students took the initiative as previous organizers didn’t show any for various reasons.

The first brainstorming was held on the 5th of February in which the overall topic of the unconference was decided: “Librarian education: significance, trends, necessity”. The further organization of the event took place on a wiki where all the students shared their ideas and updated tasks. It was the most convenient way as the organizers could not meet in person often. As it was the first experience of organizing such an event, we used the support and guidance of our associate professors which was a great help.

The organizing skills gained at our studies were a benefit so we could adjust ourselves with future tasks. Kristine and Viktorija took care of the blog and twitter account, while Ella and Silva planned the unconference to invite participants for the discussions.  Anna was in charge of PR while Sanita and Gunita prepared all the premises for the technical support. Lastly, the project supervisor was Dace. The main goal was to be creative so we can ensure that we had fun while fulfilling our responsibilities.

To ensure success with followed key “rules to success.” We had planned some presentation in-advance which, were welcomed warmly, additionally, the participants shared their own presentations. To ensure that the presentations would not be interrupted, we did not allow guests to walk or exit freely during presentations. The main purpose was to connect involve participants in the discussions in which the professionals had the most convenient way to come to creative solutions. The only planned events at the unconference were the panel discussion on librarian education and its compliance with actual needs of a library and current labor market (employers and employees of libraries as well as students were invited for debates) to focus on group discussions. The latter were held in two groups – students and professionals – each brainstorming on usage of information technologies while studying. The results will be used for the development of the LIS curriculum. The direction of the department of faculty of social sciences is currently working on considerable changes.  Study program is being overhauled to make it more progressive and suitable for the present state and needs of libraries.

Registration for the unconference
Registration for the unconference

To get a provisional number of participants we opened an online registration two weeks prior to the event with about 14 presentations announced, many of them being held by the leading professionals in LIS in Latvia. On the day of unconference 107 participants registered in person, only 40 of them being students and workers of the faculty which is a very good index comparing it to previous years. Continue reading