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Ideas for Action!

As you know, last months were really busy for a library community. Many activities, workshops and discussions were organised in 190 countries! The results of meetings and voting data were elaborated by The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and allowed to create Global Vision Report Summary

Now it is time to take the next step.

We would like to invite you to share your opinion about the most important opportunities for the work and experience of your Professional Unit. You can do it through this Global Vision 2018 survey.

Give it a little time to complete it, because your contribution is very important!

You have time until July 10, and then the answers will be sent to IFLA to synthesize them in a transparent matter and include in the IFLA’s future stategies.
So, this is our vision, our future! Please, click here to fill in the form.


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New Librarians International/National Association Activity and Career Attitudes Survey

In 2007, individuals from five continents answered a survey about new librarians, leadership, library associations and professional futures. Results including a proposed plan of action were published under the title “International Perspectives of the New Librarian Experience,” (Feliciter, Issue #2, 2007). This year we are following up on that survey and kindly asking for help in finding out more about the perspectives of new librarians from different regions of the world.

Recently, library associations from a number of countries have developed various initiatives to introduce new librarians to their group’s existence, include them in their activities, develop their careers, and encourage them to stay in the profession. This brief, general survey intends to measure the success of these initiatives. Findings will be presented at library associations’ conferences and discussed in journal articles.

Please, take a few minutes to answer the survey. It will be available until March 15. Answers are confidential. Participants will remain anonymous.

link to the survey

Thanks for your participation!

Loida Garcia-Febo and Robin Kear


Loida: Coordinator, Special Services, Queens Library, N.Y.
ALA IFRT Chair, ALA Membership Meetings Committee Chair, ALA Councilor-at-Large
IFLA FAIFE Secretary, IFLA NPSIG, REFORMA Immediate Past President 2009-2010


Robin: Reference/Instruction Librarian, University of Pittsburgh, PA
ALA IRRT Connections Committee Chair, ALA Website Advisory Committee Round Table Rep, ALA LIRT Website Advisory Committee, ACRL Instruction Section Awards Committee Member


The Young Librarians Task Force

by Xima Avalos and Eric Frierson

Hello!  We’re Xima and Eric from the American Library Association’s (ALA) Young Librarians Task Force.  In 2009,  ALA president Camila Alire tasked this group with exploring issues of young librarians’ retention and engagement with the Association.

What we did in 2009 – 2010

We started off by collecting feedback from young librarians – both members and non-members of the association – through a variety of venues: Twitter, Facebook, blog comments, and a survey we distributed online.  We also looked at what other organizations were doing to retain and engage young members and the activities our organization was undertaking targeted at young librarians.  Our full report is here, but a few highlights include:

  • young librarians’ experiences at ALA’s annual conference could be enhanced through a focus on the discussion group, not the panel presentation or program.
  • virtual participation could be enhanced by making “virtual-only” committees instead of committees that meet at conference with a couple of virtual members.
  • elections can be better organized to promote young librarian representation in elected position in ALA.

What we’re doing now and how you can help

At ALA Annual in 2010, we presented our findings.  Because some of our findings would require lots of coordination and buy-in from various sections in the association, and because the feasibility of some of what we felt needed to be done was unknown, our recommendation to continue the Task Force for one year was approved.

This year, we’re exploring how feasible our recommendations are, and we’re providing a blueprint for ALA to accomplish some of the goals we’ve laid out.  We’ve re-organized along a few themes and divided our work up amongst the task force:

  • Issues related to membership and young librarians, including the structure of membership dues and benefits
  • Issues related to ALA’s Annual Conference and Midwinter meetings, including changes to the usual panel and presentation-heavy schedule to a focus on discussion groups and participatory formats
  • Issues related to ALA’s involvement in ALA-accredited schools and the student chapters of the Association
  • Issues related to ALA’s relationships with its divisions and roundtables
  • Issues related to elections for ALA offices and council and increasing the number of young librarians represented in ALA’s decision-making bodies

We believe that the work we do this year will pave the way for changes in the Association that will benefit not only young librarians, but librarians of all ages.  We need your help!  Good ideas from other organizations, including IFLA and any other groups you are a part of, and examples of things organizations are doing to enhance the experience of young librarians will help use make meaningful change in the way ALA serves its young members.

So – why do you participate in IFLA or other organizations?  What does the organization provide to you that meets your expectations and needs perfectly?  Please post your comments to this blog entry!  We appreciate it!

In addition, we’d like to know what your favorite conference experiences have been!  Please let us know on our short, 2-question survey here.


Xima Avalos

Xima Avalos is the Media and Digital Assets Librarian at the California College of the Arts in LosAngeles, California.  She graduated from The University of Arizona’s School of Information Resources and Library Science in 2005. Contact:

Eric FriersonEric Frierson is the Digital Services Manager at St. Edward’s University Library in Austin, Texas, USA.  He has held a variety of positions in libraries including positions in reference and instruction and instructional technology since his graduation from The University of Michigan School of Information in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  He blogs at In the Library with the Lead Pipe. Contact:

Questionnaire on Advocacy

by Federica Marangio

Dear all,

I would be very grateful if you could devote a few minutes of your time to this survey. It focuses on new ways of social media/new professionals/skills and competencies of new professionals and will be used as input for our workshop at the BOBCATSSS symposium in Hungary in January 2011.

New forms of collaboration are linking people and resources. They enable everyone to take part in cultural environments regardless of whether the aim is education, to experience or to engage in creative activities. No matter where one lives, if you commit yourself in a healthy, international and modern environment you make your system more vibrant and contribute to its growth and improvement.

The respondents I am looking for are new/senior professionals and students.

You are very welcome to contribute and to take the survey by the 6th of January. It can be found here.

I will make sure that your voice will be heard at BOBCATSSS 2011 where the survey results will be presented. Thanks so much for your collaboration!

Best regards,