NPSIG @ WLIC 2014 & Guide to Lyon


NPSIG! Your leadership is officially in overdrive with last minute preparations for IFLAcamp 2014 and WLIC 2014, and we couldn’t be more excited! Below you’ll find a summary of our meetings and activities during the congress, as well as a link to a short guide to Lyon that our new Information Coordinator, Kimberly White, developed. We’re really looking forward to seeing you all in Lyon!

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Registration for IFLAcamp 2014 is now open!

IFLAcamp Lyon 2014 logo

Click here to register for IFLAcamp 2014!

Greetings New Professionals-

Your trusty NPSIG leadership is excited to announce that registration for IFLAcamp 2014 in Lyon, France is now open! As with past IFLAcamps, 2014’s IFLAcamp will take place over the two days before the WLIC congress- so mark your calendars for Thursday, August 14th & Friday the 15th. In addition to the unconference style sessions you’ve come to expect at IFLAcamp, we’ll also be meeting up with Cycling for Libraries and planning a hackathon!

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Our 6th virtual NPSIG business meeting is Thursday, November 14th!

Join us on Thursday, November 14th for our 6th virtual NPSIG business meeting! We’ll be going over many exciting things that we’ve done since our last meeting in August, including a review of IFLAcamp2, WLIC 2013, the latest New Librarians Global Connections webinar, and our presentation for Library 2.013. We’ll also discuss future events and activities, such as Sebastian’s upcoming presentation at the Italian Library Association’s annual meeting,  NPSIG’s presence at January 2014’s BOBCATSSS and ALA’s mid-Winter meeting, IFLAcampLab 2014 and IFLAcamp3, and our new holiday tradition- the annual Virtual Conference Redux.  Lastly, you’ll get a chance to meet Molly Schwartz and Bridgette Hendrix, our new NPSIG Co-Convenor and Information Coordinator, respectively. As you can see, there’s a lot to discuss!

Date and times of the 6th virtual NPSIG business meeting:

November 14th, 2013
12:00p.m., New York –> CST
05:00 p.m., London –> EST
06:00 p.m., Berlin –> CET
06:00 a.m., Auckland –> EDT, next day

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length: 90 min

current agenda (feel free to add comments and items)

virtual meeting room:

As we have in the past, our platform will be Adobe Connect, which allows (IM, voice/video chat), document sharing, and many more options. The meeting will be recorded for later use.

This is an open business meeting, so everyone is welcome to join and contribute! Hope to see you there on November 14th!

UPDATE: Here is the recording of the meeting – thanks everyone for being with us, it was great to catch up!

join the 5th virtual NPSIG business meeting on August 1 for a special WLIC 2013 edition!

virtual NPSIG business meeting

Come and join us on August 1 for the fifth virtual NPSIG business meeting! Many exciting things happened since the latest meeting in April, so we are going to start by taking a look back at the first IFLAcampLab in Kaliningrad and Cycling for Libraries. The main part of the business meeting will focus on NPSIG’s program and plans for the World Library and Information Congress in Singapore including IFLAcamp², the joint NPSIG/CPDWL session and much more. This is the perfect chance for you to get in the mood for Singapore!

Date and times of the 5th virtual NPSIG business meeting:

August 1, 2013
03:00 p.m., New York –> CST
08:00 p.m., London –> EST
09:00 p.m., Berlin –> CET
07:00 a.m., Auckland –> EDT, next day

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length: 90 min

current agenda (feel free to add comments and items)

virtual meeting room:

As a platform, we are going to use Adobe Connect that includes chat (IM, voice/video chat), sharing documents with each other and many more options. The meeting will be recorded for later use. See also the Facebook event for the current meeting.

This is an open business meeting, so everyone is welcome to join – looking forward to seeing you online on August 1!

IFLAcamp²: registration open now

Register now

Eventbrite - IFLAcamp²

The registration for IFLAcamp² is open now. Attending IFLAcamp² will be free of charge. To make the barcamp run smoothly, there will be a limit of 100 participants. So make sure to get your ticket today!


15-16 August 2013
Li Ka Shing Library
Singapore Management University
100 participants

Following-up the first IFLAcamp in 2012, the New Professionals Special Interest Group and the Asia and Oceania Section welcome you to IFLAcamp², the WLIC2013 unconference for new and established professionals!

IFLAcamp² is a two-day satellite meeting in the mode of an unconference that provides plenty of space for ad-hoc sessions and group discussions. The participant-driven approach will allow for active involvement of all attendees and including all kinds of topics of interest.

We are going to meet in the Li Ka Shing Library of the Singapore Management University. Located in the heart of Singapore, we will not only spend two intensive days of unconferencing, but also have the chance to explore this exciting metropole and enjoy some culinary adventures.

See you in Singapore!

Bienvenue à l’IFLAcamp²!

15-16 Août 2013
Bibliothèque Li Ka Shing
Université de Management de Singapour
100 participants

Faisant suite au premier IFLAcamp de 2012, le Groupe d’intérêt spécial des Nouveaux professionnels et la Section Asie et Océanie vous invite au IFLAcamp², une conférence satellite du Congrès annuel de l’IFLA 2013 destinée aux nouveaux professionnels ainsi qu’à ceux en exercice depuis longue date.

Quoi: l’IFLAcamp² est un rassemblement satellite de deux jours. Sur le mode d’une conférence participative, il propose des espaces pour des sessions ad-hoc et des groupes de discussion. L’approche participative permet une implication de tous les participants autour de sujets variés.

Qui: l’IFLAcamp² est un événement conjoint du Groupe d’intérêt spécial des Nouveaux professionnels et de la Section Asie et Océanie.

Quand: l’IFLAcamp² aura lieu les 15 et 16 août 2013.

: Nous nous rassemblerons au sein de la bibliothèque Li Ka Shing de l’Université de Management de Singapour. Situés au cœur de Singapour, nous ne passerons pas seulement deux jours intensifs de conférence, mais aurons aussi la chance d’explorer cette métropole captivante et de tenter de nouvelles expériences gustatives.

Thèmes de l’IFLAcamp²

Reprenant le concept du Barcamp, chaque participant de l’IFLAcamp² sera encouragé à proposer sur place des sujets et à s’impliquer activement lors des sessions. Un programme sera établi chaque matin avec l’ensemble des participants.

N’hésitez pas à nous communiquer dès maintenant les sujets que vous souhaiteriez voir être abordés au cours de l’IFLAcamp² :

La langue officielle de l’IFLAcamp² sera l’anglais.