Digital Scholarship: What, Why and How?

Hi edigital_mediaveryone, it’s a great honor to contribute to this IFLA’s New Professionals Interest Group discussion.  Today, I would like to answer three questions about digital scholarship:

What is it?, Why is it important? and How can you/we help with it?

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Investigación Digital: ¿Qué, Por qué y Cómo?

digital_mediaNota: Por efectos de facilidad, en esta nota utilizaré los términos “Investigación Digital” para referirme a “Digital Scholarship”

Hola a todos, es un gran honor contribuir a esta nueva discusión del Grupo de Interés de Nuevos Profesionales de la IFLA.  Hoy, me gustaría responder a tres preguntas sobre (digital scholarship) o investigación digital: ¿Qué es?, ¿Por qué es importante? y ¿Cómo pueden/podemos ayudar?

[English version]

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BOBCATSSS 2010 revisited – IFLA/NPSIG workshop and follow-up

During the last week BOBCATSSS 2010 took place in Parma, Italy. Although having quite snowy conditions outside, this year’s symposium has been marvelous!

snowy Parma
snowy Parma

Over 200 participants (ca. 150 of them students) from Europe and beyond enjoyed three days  full of interesting sessions, workshops, and poster presentations, really well-organized social events in the evenings and an overall atmosphere which was absolutely inspiring for everybody involved. Especially the networking factor seemed to be quite strong this year.

IFLA/NPSIG workshop

On Day 1 of the symposium, IFLA / NPSIG hosted a workshop entitled “Bridging the gap – Involving new professionals in the international development of our profession in the digital world”. I was very happy to be joined by current IFLA President Ellen Tise who was one of the keynote speakers this year. As for the moderation of the brainstorming part, we were supported by Federica Marangio, member of the Italian organizing team and also very active new professional.

final preparations
final preparations

For getting started, we gave brief introductions of IFLA in general and current initiatives regarding new professionals in particular. While Ellen concentrated on the overall mission of IFLA and ongoing digital efforts like the new IFLA website and the Digital Library Future Conference in Milan last year, I was talking about latest projects like the “Adopt a Student”-programme and the IFLA LIS Student Paper Award before presenting background and scope of the NPSIG (have a look at our slides).

Brainstorming session

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