Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

By Andrés Reinoso, in collaboration withNancy Monzón for the English translation. Andrés and Nancy are both NPSIG volunteers.

[Spanish version]

In our professional experience, we continuously deal with situations which are hard to be solved.  Many times we feel overwhelmed with drawbacks, unable to react. To try and fail can be part of a natural process of learning but, is this the way we take it?

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Free NPSIG/CPDWL webinar “Information Literacy in my career” on July 26th

IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning (CPDWL) and IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group (NPSIG) has partnered with the American Library Association to present a one-hour webinar “Information Literacy in my career.” Professionals at different stages of their career will talk about what information literacy means to them, how they engage with it in their job, and how they see information literacy featuring in their future.

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“Prueba otra vez. Fracasa otra vez. Fracasa mejor”

Por Andrés Reinoso, con la colaboración de Nancy Monzón en la traducción al inglés. Ambos son voluntarios de NPSIG.

[English version]

Nuestras experiencias en el ámbito profesional nos enfrentan continuamente con situaciones de difícil solución. Muchas veces nos sentimos sobrepasados por los problemas, incapaces de reaccionar. Tratar y fallar puede ser parte de un proceso natural de aprendizaje, pero, ¿es así como lo tomamos?

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Nuevos Profesionales Presidentes de Asociaciones de Bibliotecas: Noticias de América Latina y el Caribe

[English version]

Por Loida Garcia-Febo, Miembro de la Junta de Gobierno de la IFLA, Chair del Action for Development through Libraries Programme (ALP), Co-Fundadora del Grupo de Interés Nuevos Profesionales de la IFLA.

Los nuevos bibliotecarios están haciendo grandes cosas alrededor del mundo. Recientemente, conocí dos muy activos Presidentes de asociaciones bibliotecarias quienes también son nuevos bibliotecarios. Estuve muy contenta de conocer a Luc Steve Honore, Presidente y Miembro Fundador de la Association des Bibliothécaires Documentalistes et Archivistes d’Haiti (ABDAH), y a Jonathan Pleitez, Presidente de la Asociación de Bibliotecarios de El Salvador (ABES). Ellos son el futuro y también el presente de nuestra asociación.

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New Professionals Presidents of Library Associations: News from Latin America and the Caribbean

[versión en español]


By Loida Garcia-Febo, IFLA Governing Board Member, Action for Development through Libraries Programme (ALP) Chair, New Professionals Special Interest Group Co-Founder

New librarians are doing great things around the world. Recently I met two very active Presidents of library associations who also are new librarians. I was glad to meet Luc Steve Honore, President and Founding Member of the Association des Bibliothécaires Documentalistes et Archivistes d’Haiti (ABDAH), and Jonathan Pleitez, President of Asociación de Bibliotecarios de El Salvador (ABES). They are the future and also the present of our profession.

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When a door closes, a window opens

Courtney YoungInterview with Courtney Young, American Library Association Immediate Past President, the youngest President the ALA had in the last 80+ years.

Courtney Young graduated with MS in Library Science from Simmons College in August 1997 and began first librarian position in September 1, 1997. After being a librarian for 16 years, Courtney was inaugurated as ALA President in 2014. She was and still is the youngest librarian to be elected as ALA President, proving that newer librarians can have the skills, leadership and capabilities of leading a large library association such as the ALA which has more than 55,000 members in the USA and internationally.

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