First series of webinars for LIS students

We are excited to announce that the IFLA Division IV is launching a new project: A Webinar Series for LIS students, and NPSIG is working together to make it all great.

For this first meeting, a group of advanced LIS students from around the world have been selected to tell us about their experiences with the Associations. The first theme is “Getting Engaged with Library Associations – Benefits, Issues, Factors”, and the exhibitors will be:

  • Elena Popova (University of Libraries Studies and Information Technologies, Sofia, Bulgaria) – “Library Associations – Source of Knowledge, Source of Inspiration”
  • Christine Audrey L. Lu, Ian Dominic P. Sipin (University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines) – “The LIS Congress: Organizing the Annual Advocacy Project of the UP Library and Information Science Students Association”
  • Ma. Nicole Tacuboy (University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines) – “Scuba Diving” into LIS: Participating in LIS Engagements as a University Student”
  • Alena Katina (St. Petersburg State University of Culture, Russia) – “IFLA BSLISE Working Group and LIS students: advantages of collaboration”

Webinar series for LIS student will be presented by Catharina Isberg, chair of IFLA Division IV and member of IFLA Governing Board. Presentation about students’ input to library associations will be presented by Loida Garcia-Febo, international library consultant and IFLA member.

22 April 2021 (Thursday) at 13.00–14.30 CEST
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Speakers bios:

Elena Popova graduated bachelor degree in Book publishing in Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and master degree in Library, Information and Cultural Management at University of Library Studies and Information Technologies, Sofia, Bulgaria. Main research interest in the field of: Protection of cultural heritage; Digitization of cultural heritage; New trends in the development of libraries; Libraries and the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. She has three published reports in Bulgarian for national conferences and two co-authored publications in English for ICERI 2020 conference and BOBCATSSS 2021. Her PhD thesis is titled Libraries and the Information Ecosystem of the Future.

Christine Audrey L. Lu studies B Library and Information Science at the
School of Library and Information Studies of University of the Philippines Diliman. She is the current President of the UP Library and Information Science Students Association.

Ian Dominic P. Sipin studied B Library and Information Science at the School of Library and Information Studies of the University of the Philippines Diliman. He served as President of the UP Library and Information Science Students Association for AY 2019-2020. His field of specialization is legal information and law librarianship.

Ma. Nicole Tacuboy is a Bachelor’s degree candidate for graduation in the School of Library and Information Studies, UP Diliman. She served as the College Student Council Chairperson in the Academic Year 2019-2020 and is currently the Vice Chairperson for Human Resource at the UP Library and Information Science Students Association (UP LISSA). She values life-long learning and enjoys discourse on anything LIS. As an avid choir singer, she wrote her undergraduate thesis on the information behavior of Philippine choristers and hopes to promote the development of information services for the local musician community.

Alena Katina is PhD student of the St. Petersburg State University of Culture. Her interests are
internationalization of higher education, international cooperation, international
projects in LIS field and volunteering activity in public libraries. She was an intern student of the IFLA Building Strong Library and Information
Science Education (BSLISE) (since December 2020) and a winner of the All-Russian professional competition of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation “A Librarian of the 2019 year” for LIS schools’ students. Alena is also a head of the volunteering squad “Postmen of goodness”.

Loida Garcia-Febo, International Library Consultant expert in library services to diverse populations and human rights. President of the American Library Association 2018-2019. At IFLA: Governing Board 2013-2017, Co-Founder of New Professionals, two-term Member/Expert resource person of FAIFE, two-term member of CPDWL. Currently: CPDWL Consultant, Info Coordinator of the Management of Library Associations Section. Currently at ALA: Chair, ALA UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Task Force and Chair, Women’s Issues in Librarianship. Born, raised, and educated in Puerto Rico.

Catharina Isberg is Library Director of Helsingborg Public Libraries since 2013. She has been active in IFLA since 2011 as information coordinator, secretary of the CPDWL section and now chair of IFLA Division IV. In recent years Catharina has taken the lead on the workgroup of the Coaching program which is a CPDWL initiative with support from the IFLA HQ and IFLA Professional Committee. On a national level Catharina is coordinating the Swedish IFLA network. Between 2007-2010 she was chairing the Expert Committee on Skills Management, Royal Library of Sweden. 2004-2008 she was a board member of the Swedish Association for Information Specialists (SFIS) 2004-2008.

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