New IFLA/ALA webinar: “Libraries changing the world: educating and promoting understanding for Climate Action”: April 26th

There is a new webinar which we organize in cooperation with CPDWL and ALA! Our guests will talk what SDG no. 13 means and how libraries can take care about climate.

Date: April 26, 2021

Time: 5:00-6:30 PM CEST



The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13 “Climate Action” is a call for immediate action by all to lower greenhouse emissions, build resilience and improve education on climate change. Affordable, scalable solutions such as renewable energy, clean technologies are available to enable countries to leapfrog to greener, more resilient economies.

Libraries have a key role to play to build a more sustainable world. Many libraries are facing crises related to climate change: snow, floods, smoke from fires in the mountains near the community, mold, hurricanes- and many communities they serve are experiencing these crises as well. 

As set out in IFLA’s paper on libraries and sustainability, two key roles of libraries are as examples and educators, building understanding of the issues among citizens, and helping them to learn how to change their own behaviour.

Join our event to hear from librarians in different regions of the world who are helping communities.

Speakers :

Loida Garcia-Febo, International Library Consultant, expert in library services to diverse populations and human rights

She is involved with institutions such as an ALA President, IFLA Governing Board, IFLA CPDWL, IFLA NPSIG, IFLA MLAS and ALA UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Task Force and Chair, Women’s Issues in Librarianship.

Sherri Aldis, chief of United Nations Publications in the Department of Global Communications at the UN

She has been at the United Nations since February 2015 where she oversees its publishing activities and policies and supports the communications priorities and campaigns of the UN, such as the Sustainable Development Goals. Ms. Aldis has had an extensive career in the international book and publishing industry, mostly in France, at Hachette Livre in Paris.

Harri Sahavirta, Ph.D., chief librarian in Arabianranta and Vallila libraries, Helsinki City Library

He has served as project manager in many national projects, like ”Environmental Sustainability in Public Libraries 2020”, “Changing soundscapes of Public Libraries” and “Public libraries as promotors for reading”. He has also worked in environmental projects in Helsinki City Library. He has been active member of Environment, Sustainability and Libraries IFLA Special Interest Group (ENSULIB) since 2011 and was the convenor of the group 2015-2019 and 2020.

Casey Conlin, a library sustainability coordinator at the Mid-Hudson Library System and for the ALA Sustainability Roundtable

Casey Conlin helps 66 member libraries build their capacity to create more resilient communities through consulting, professional development, and trendspotting. Casey currently serves as coordinator for the American Library Association’s Sustainability Roundtable, which provides resources and support for the library community in creating a more equitable, healthy, and economically viable society through the development and administration of events, courses, networking, and resources. Casey is a founding member of the New York Library Association’s Sustainability Initiative, which created and supports a first-of-its-kind interactive tool to help libraries ensure the sustainability of their organizations using the triple bottom line of sustainability.

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