Do you want to be part of IFLA?


Great news, new professionals!

The nominations process for the IFLA elections and appointments in 2021 remains open, and there are more than 800 positions available in the various sections, committees and groups.

The call is aimed at experts and information professionals, as well as new professionals who with their energy and new ideas can form working groups in our International Federation.

If you are interested in a position, review the requirements of the different roles based on the information on our website on elections and appointments. If you believe you meet most or all of the requirements, you will also find instructions on what to do next: How do I get nominated? What documentation is needed? All the info HERE

To offer a sample of the variety of proposals, here is a list of the vacancies, only in the section area:

As Gerald Leitner, IFLA Secretary General says “We can only be successful if we are drawing on the full diversity of our field. We therefore welcome and encourage candidacies and nominations from people from all parts of the world, all career stages, all backgrounds, and all types of expertise and experience.”

As you can see, there are many vacancies in the different sections and for all the different professional interests. We hope you can nominate yourself and become part of this great global family!

See you soon.

(Super Librarian image is courtesy of New Jersey State Library and New Jersey Library Network)

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