Our Vision, Our Future!

In one of the most important examples of teamwork they have done among the libraries in history, the Global Vision Report Summary has been published. Top 10 Highlights and Opportunities, in theIFLA President´s  Meeting 2018 held in March in the city of Barcelona.

Glòria Pérez-Salmerón, President of IFLA and Gerald Leitner, Secretary General
The numbers of this global participation are really impressive: 190 UN Member States were part, 185 workshop where 9192 participants took part, a global survey with 21,772 votes online. Numbers never seen before that demonstrate the commitment of a librarianship field that today is more united than ever to focus on a world in continuous change.
The result of this global survey indicates that libraries are on a path of commitment to their communities, with information literacy, with technological changes, with access to information, but they are also aware of all the battles that still need to be done in a society every day more complex, and that there we must be smart and work in groups to take advantage of our strengths.
Alignment with the SDGs is one of our main opportunities to show the strength of a united library field, demonstrating that we can be one of the great protagonists of the change that the UN proposes

Even though we as NPSIG see each of the 10 highlights and opportunities as crucial and interconnected, we are proud to see that #10 opportunity is actually dedicated to giving us space to learn and lead.

“We must give young professionals effective opportunities to learn, develop and lead. The field’s capacity to develop and connect young library professionals has to keep up with changing needs and allow them to become the leaders of the future.”


We’ll get back soon with next Global Vision step!


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