10th virtual NPSIG business meeting on May 21st

Meeting recording (29:29)

Please join us on Monday, May 21st at 5pm CET for our 10th NPSIG Virtual Business Meeting! This will be the first business meeting featuring our new leadership team: Vesna Vuksan (Convenor), Antoine Torrens, Katia Shklyar, Milan Vasiljevic and Andres Reinoso. We would really like to have you involved!!!

We’ll be going over our NPSIG Action Plan 2016-17 and discussing our actions in the next months. We will also share news about upcoming events like the IFLAcamp 2017 with a “Cycling for libraries” day, Open Programme Session, New Librarians Happy Hour in Wroclaw, and we welcome any other announcements as well as ideas and proposals for NPSIG work in 2017!

Link to the meeting (no password required) : https://zoom.us/j/269434613

Date: Sunday, May 21st, 2017


11:00 New York)

12:00 Rio de Janeiro

15:00 UTC

17:00 CET

0:00 (next day) Tokyo

1:00 (next day) Sydney

–check your time zone here: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20170521T17&p1=35&ah=1


5 thoughts on “10th virtual NPSIG business meeting on May 21st

  1. Hello! I was looking forward to this meeting. To my disappointment, I missed it due to the date confusion. Information was inconsistent between various platforms. In the future, perhaps you can have people sign up for events and have a mailing list, so that you can send updates.

    • Hi! We will be posting all future meetings and other events on Facebook as events so people can save them and easily get all the updates. 🙂
      Information was changed from 22 to 21, but pasted link on Facebook kept the old date in the title and we didn’t notice this right away.
      Next time no confusion! Luckily, there is a recording. 😀
      Thanks for your feedback Gosia!

  2. Hello! The meeting was yesterday, May 21st. We had to change the date a few days ago, sorry!
    A recording of the meeting should be available very soon.

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