Call for papers “Engaged Communities: Transforming the Librarian Role”

The session

thelibrarian2The Library Theory & Research Section in collaboration with the New Professionals Special Interest Group are pleased to invite submissions for its forthcoming open session at the World Library & Information Congress (19 – 25 August 2017 in Wrocław, Poland). The theme is “Engaged Communities: Transforming the Librarian Role”.

The session aims to bring together research and practice that illustrates how the library profession has transformed and is transforming to meet and/or challenge change, be it technological, societal, political, economic or a combination of these.

Papers that explore how research has investigated transformation of the librarian role as well as transformation of this role in practice are encouraged.

Among the many perspectives possible, papers might consider new alliances and collaborations, the shifting emphasis from collecting to educating, convergence with other professions, and transformation in response to external forces. Submissions of papers that discuss initiatives and events designed to support the transformation of the librarian role are also welcome.

The themes

Possible themes to guide submissions are:

  • Profession theory
  • Transformation in theory
  • Challenging change/fear of change
  • Impacts of political or economic fluctuations
  • Impacts of big data and data analytics
  • New areas of responsibility in supporting research data curation/management
  • Transformation leading to new collaborations, interdisciplinary/cross-disciplinary alliances
  • Transformation from information providers to educators
  • New areas of research and services to address social and political change
  • Convergence of professional roles in the libraries, archives, and museum communities (LAM)
  • Transformative, alternative and innovative practices
  • The contribution of theory and research to transformation

Papers will be allocated 20 minutes (including time for questions).


For full details, see :


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