Come together! Or what is an IFLA Special Interest Group about

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) has a vast structure and working procedures. It may be difficult, especially for newcomers, students, new graduates, or those who come to the profession from different fields, to get involved.
One of the purposes of IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group is to help with involvement and to assist with the first steps of professional participation, in IFLA, or the wider library and information science field.

What is the Special Interest Group about?

The original concept of a SIG was to address emergin

g issues of continuing interest to a relatively small number of IFLA members, bring together IFLA members with interests that they wish to discuss or explore and that are not addressed by a current Section, or that cut across different Sections, or to follow an emerging issue or trend, or be very specialized or narrow in focus.
SIGs are not to remain the same indefinitely as part of the professional structure, but to be fluid and exciting, reflecting current and changing interests amongst the IFLA membership.
The IFLA Professional Committee wants SIGs to be a way of bringing change to IFLA, testing the IFLA membership’s interest in new topics and carrying out creative projects in a less formal environment than a Section.

Maria Carme Torras
Chair, IFLA Professional Committee
New Professionals Special Interest Group (NPSIG) leadership

Every second year leadership of the group changes. It brings fresh ideas and new developmental directions together, although not without a little chaos in the process of transitioning responsibilities. As an international unit, the NPSIG leadership team usually includes representatives from different countries and continents, so communication mostly happens distantly through e-mails, webinars or google hangouts. At a minimum, there are two leaders in charge of the group – convener and information coordinator, but the current term (2015-2017) is exceptional and our team includes also a co-convener and information co-coordinator.IFLA NPSIG leadership team 2015-2017

Maria Violeta (convenor, Argentina/USA), Milan (co-convenor, Serbia/Qatar), Antoine (information coordinator, France) and Katia (information co-coordinator, Russia/Finland) are the NPSIG leadership team 2015-2017. However nothing would happen without the support, interest and help of active volunteers, who can be involved in different ways, from translation and proof-reading to blogging and helping with organizing the venues on site. The NPSIG now especially needs volunteers located and connected in Columbus, Ohio (USA) and willing to help with organizing the program before, during, and after IFLA congress 2016.

Are you interested? The first step is to fill out the form and let us know about your professional interests and level of possible involvement.

P.S. Everyone in NPSIG is a volunteer including the leadership team.

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