Registration for IFLAcamp 2014 is now open!

IFLAcamp Lyon 2014 logo

Click here to register for IFLAcamp 2014!

Greetings New Professionals-

Your trusty NPSIG leadership is excited to announce that registration for IFLAcamp 2014 in Lyon, France is now open! As with past IFLAcamps, 2014’s IFLAcamp will take place over the two days before the WLIC congress- so mark your calendars for Thursday, August 14th & Friday the 15th. In addition to the unconference style sessions you’ve come to expect at IFLAcamp, we’ll also be meeting up with Cycling for Libraries and planning a hackathon!

As a reminder, registration for IFLAcamp is completely free! You do not need to register and attend the WLIC congress immediately after (although we highly recommend it, of course :)). IFLAcamp attendees are also responsible for their own travel and accommodations, but we’re currently working on a series of blog posts to help you stay, eat, drink, and travel Lyon on a budget.

Keep an eye on our blog for more Lyon & WLIC tips; check out the IFLAcamp 2014 page for camp details; and register for IFLAcamp!!!


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