Librarians from Eastern Europe promote the Manifesto

Guest post by: Olga Dubova, Ukraine

Young, active, with eager-to-do spirit librarians gathered in Ventspils, Latvia about one year ago to study at the International Young Librarians Academy (IYLA). During four days 49 librarians from Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine, Poland and Romania participated in interactive sessions and discovered new trends of librarianship. On the last day they created and planned new projects that required international cooperation to implement them in their libraries.

It was an honor for me to be one of the participants from Ukraine. On behalf of the IYLA team I present you one of those projects: The Librarian’s Manifesto. Our initiative group faced challenge to write statements, but the main question was to promote the project results. We decided to make a visual presentation in the form of video clip to make the Manifesto more attractive, positive and spectacular. Our main target was to inspire and reveal positive emotions about library and librarianship, to share ideas that unite all young professionals of an ever-evolving profession.

Let the video speak for itself.

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