welcome to the IFLAcamp Library Creative Laboratory in Kaliningrad!

We are happy to invite you to come to Kaliningrad for a new event of the global NPSIG network: welcome to the IFLAcamp Library Creative Laboratory for New Professionals!

The geo-location of Kaliningrad makes this region an international meeting point of different cultures. So let’s meet in this little “island” of Russia in Europe, a city of Immanuel Kant (who was a librarian too!). This place has a special spirit for creating new ideas and sharing inspiration!
We want to create an international platform for exchange of information, experience, ideas and elaborating innovative projects. It combines both theory and practice and gives freedom for creative expression. Imagine a “fair of ideas” initiating a flow of library activities and knowledge sharing in a dynamic mode.

The main aim is to strengthen the international New Professionals community and raise the professional interest of its participants to elaborate and implement innovative projects.

  • who: organized in close cooperation with the Kaliningrad library system
  • when: from 23-25 May 2013
  • where: in Kaliningrad, accommodation in Svetlogorsk

The participation in the IFLAcamp Library Creative Laboratory and accommodation are both free of charge!


The Kaliningrad centralized library system will provide invitations for you. Please contact your local Russian Consulates and Embassies to be sure about visa procedures, a list of documents needed and the possibility of getting a cultural visa which is free of charge. Usually, the embassies accept the documents for a visa max 2 months before the trip (which in our case would be March).

To provide you an invitation we need the following information from you:

  1. Full name (as in passport)
  2. Citizenship
  3. Date and place of birth
  4. Passport number
  5. Place of work (name, address, tel, fax) and position.

Please let us know if you need a confirmation letter about your participation in the IFLAcamp Library Creative Laboratory for your employer: email – zgblist@gmail.com, or phone: +7 4012 53 35 47.

mini Cycling for Libraries

(one-day tour)

On the last day of the IFLAcamp Library Creative Laboratory (25 May), we invite you to participate in a one-day mini Cycling for libraries!
This is very important for Kaliningrad – it will help attract the attention of city administration to the question of libraries’ development!
It should be a rather dynamic and loud conclusion of our event. :)

IFLAcamp Creative Laboratory mini Cycling for Libraries event logo

motivation – creation and upkeeping

Following the barcamp concept, every participant of the IFLAcamp Library Creative Laboratory will be encouraged to propose topics on the spot and to actively contribute to the sessions. Creating the schedule will happen in the morning of each day together with all participants.

The main topic is “Motivation of staff” and “Motivation for reading”. But motivation can have various forms. Therefore, it is important for us to know what kind of motivation you would like to discuss! Motivation of what, whom and what for? Please name your suggestions when registering for the event! We would love to hear your opinion!

You are also welcome to let us know about topics you would like to discuss via:

Register now for free.

See you soon in Kaliningrad!


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