NPSIG workshop @BOBCATSSS2013

We are very excited that the NPSIG workshop proposal for BOBCATSSS 2013 got accepted! Below is a first brief overview on “Tailor-made and weather-proof – Building and maintaining New Professionals groups as an important part of early career development”.



In recent years, groups and networks have become an important factor for new library professionals for the exchange of ideas and information with their peers. Two of the workshop facilitators have just finished their BA and MA theses on different aspects of this research field. In this workshop, we would like to take a closer look on conditions for successfully building and maintaining New Professionals (NP) groups.

To get started, we will provide both theoretical and practical background based on our research. Participants will get an idea about network theory, different organizational types of existing NP groups, and the major dimensions of managing such groups. In the interactive part, participants will be asked to share their individual experiences with NP groups in their own countries, to discuss the need for such groups and, finally, to design the ideal NP group that suits their national circumstances.

Target Audience

LIS students and new graduates


The participants will have the chance to try out some innovative techniques of brainstorming and group work which, at the same time, allows for plenty of networking and socializing!


keywords: new professionals; early career development; network theory; community building; library associations


The workshop’s intention is to make the participants think about the possibilities of building a New Professionals group as a major driver of early career development. It will provide them with practical ideas on how to approach this topic and which aspects should be considered in particular. The outcome of the workshop will serve as a basis for further discussion in the social media channels of IFLA’s New Professionals Special Interest Group (NPSIG) and upcoming workshops at other conferences.

Your workshop crew

Veronicha Angell Bergli (Norway), Dierk Eichel (Germany), Sanita Maleja (Latvia), Federica Marangio (Italy), Sebastian Wilke (Germany)

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