NPSIG activities @WLIC2012

Like every year, New Professionals from all over the world came together in August at the World Library and Information Congress. This time, we met in beautiful and lake-dotted Finland for a full week of professional exchange, networking, cycling and sauna.


Prior to the WLIC 2012, 54 mostly new librarians gathered in Hämeenlinna for IFLAcamp, the first genuine barcamp at an IFLA Congress ever. The event took place in Verkatehdas, a new and very well-equipped conference center in the heart of Hämeenlinna. Within the two days, we had an overall amount of 25 sessions with a very broad range of topics.


Thanks to the Hämeenlinna Public Library, we enjoyed a Finnish Evening on Day 1 with local food, Finnish folk songs, dancing, and even a sauna (cold lake included). During the whole event, there was a very smooth atmosphere. People had lots of space for discussion during and in between the sessions, so they just went on talking from one spot to another.

IFLAcamp participants
IFLAcamp participants

further resources: facebook photo album | youtube playlist | slide show | pinterest pinboard | blog post:  IFLAcamp style | blog post: IFLAcamp 2012: una “desconferencia” por y para nuevos (y no tan nuevos) profesionales de la información | blog post: The bright side of competition | facebook event | google+ event

MLAS Standing Committee Meeting I

At the first SC meeting of the Management of Library Associations Section (NPISG’s sponsoring section), NPSIG Convenor Sebastian Wilke reported about IFLAcamp and shared further info on recent NPSIG actions:

MLAS SC members were very impressed by the diversity of NPSIG activities and assured us of their ongoing support for the coming years.

further resources: facebook photo album | youtube playlist

NPSIG meetup

“There are no strangers in Molly Malone’s, only friends who haven’t met” – In keeping with this motto, NPSIG held its social drinks on Monday evening in one of Helsinki’s largest pubs. 😉

further resources: facebook event

MLAS/NPSIG joint session

On Monday, 13 Aug, MLAS and NPSIG held their joint session “Strategies for library associations: include new professionals now!”. Several international speakers – both new and established professionals – shared their experiences on how to approach this topic from different angles. Moreover, participants were invited to discuss the key themes of the Call for Papers in an interactive round table setting.

We have created a compilation on storify for you to have a closer look at the presentations, the table discussions, and all social media coverage of the session.

further resources: facebook photo album | youtube playlist | facebook event

Cycling tour

On the evening of the same day, the Cycling for Libraries crew facilitated a cycling tour for all cycling lovers.

cycling tour
getting ready for the cycling tour
ready for cycling!
ready for cycling!

The tour took us through the beautiful outskirts of Helsinki to a nice spot, where we spent the whole evening having a good time while doing barbecue, having sauna, and taking a bath in the river.

sauna and barbecue in the countryside
sauna and barbecue in the countryside

#stronglibraries: President-Elect’s Planning Session

IFLA President-Elect Sinikka Sipilä had invited all conference delegates to the planning session on her theme “Strong libraries = strong societies: democratizing access to knowledge through libraries” on Thursday, 16 Aug.  The session started with an introduction to the theme, followed by short presentations on different subthemes. In his presentation, NPSIG Convenor Sebastian Wilke called for rethinking professional communication in library associations:

After the short presentations, different dimensions of the Presidential theme were discussed in a World Café format by the session participants.

World Café
World Café

For more details on the session and the discussions check out the full story on storify!

further resources: facebook photo album | youtube playlist | facebook event


IFLAdial-logoCommunication within IFLA was a big issue this year. In several business meetings with IFLA representatives it became clear that many IFLA officers and activists are not quite satisfied with the current practice within IFLA. As a result of one of these discussions, the IFLADIAL working group was created, that several NPSIG activists form a part of. In its opening statement, the group invites all IFLA friends to contribute to an open and web-based discussion on how to improve current communications within and outside of IFLA for the benefit of all. Please feel free to share your comments and ideas as well!

Next up!

Thanks everyone for the active involvement in NPSIG and for filling the group’s activities with life! It is amazing to see so many new librarians from all over the world coming together in one place and getting inspired by each other. Let’s keep this spirit alive!


We are already looking very forward to next August, when IFLA goes Singapore! NPSIG and its activists will be there for IFLAcamp² and many other acitivities. Who knows, maybe we will even be cycling and having sauna. 😉

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