2nd #IFLAdial tweetchat: take away

IFLAdial-logoHow to improve the communication in IFLA?“: that was the overall theme of the 2nd #IFLAdial tweetchat on Twitter today. A fine group of 6 activists meet in the virtual twitter-sphere to discuss 2 out of the 5 proposed questions from the instructions in more detail:

  • Q1. What do you think about the way that IFLA communicates with its activists?

Here the disparity of the financially expensive but trustworthy  face-to-face meeting at conferences and the inexpensive, global reaching interwebs became once more apparent. And with that the need for an intensified exchange in these virtual spheres, like with webinars and tweet-chats. Furthermore the responsibilities of IFLA officials and activists regarding the communications was discussed. The shift from static websites towards more participating media like social networks was demanded. So the discussion jumped ahead to Q4.

  • Q4. What do you think about the way that IFLA uses social media? (blogs, twitter, etc)

Here the information flood on one side and the missing high value content from IFLA was identified. As one example recommended to mimic this very own weblog of the New Professionals Special Interest Group as a team effort to bring high value content from New Professionals to New Professionals.

For a closer look into the twitter conversation have a look at the edited Storify story of the 2nd #IFLAdial tweetchat.

There is is still room for further discussion on the issue: “How to improve the communication in IFLA?”.

Some statistics of the 2nd #IFLAdial tweetchat are available at tweet archivist.


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