Strategies for library associations: include new professionals now! – details on the MLAS / NPSIG joint WLIC 2012 session

The World Library and Information Congress in Helsinki is approaching with big steps. High times to give you more details on conference session 95 in the morning of 13 Aug, entitled “Strategies for library associations: include new professionals now!” and jointly organized by NPSIG and the Management of Library Associations Section. First, here is some background on the intention of the session from the Call for Papers:

In these days library associations are under pressure. Faced with multiple challenges, tight budgets and a lack of new members represent, above all, the most urgent warning signs that call for transformation. It seems vital to revisit the associations’ message to their (non)members and to think about their roles and responsibilities within an ever-changing LIS profession and the larger society. But are library associations sufficiently equipped to respond to these challenges?

One thing is for sure: In the strategy of strengthening library associations more attention must be paid to attract and facilitate New Professionals. They are a true force for change. Can you imagine your library association as inspiring, surprising, empowering? Not yet? Then it is high time to include New Professionals! How else will you know what your changing field of professionals demands?

We are very excited about a good number of speakers from all around the world who are going to talk about experiences in their own countries, present models to support new librarians, and provide insights into the identity of new professionals and the library profession at large. You can be looking forward to new as well as established professionals approaching the topic from different angles.

Moreover, the session will allow for the audience to get actively involved. Between the presentations, all participants are invited to take part in table discussions built around the four areas of interest from the Call for Papers (more details will be provided during the session):

  • Outreach to members and non-members
  • Professional communication inside and outside of library associations
  • Leadership as a New Professionals issue
  • The flow of professions

At each table, one new and one established professional are supposed to supervise the discussion and report back to the audience afterwards. In the end of the session, a panel formed out of some of the speakers and table supervisors will provide further feedback and lead to a plenary discussion.

The input of both new and established professionals is most welcome and very important to make this session a success. All participants will be able to learn from the best practices presented, reflect the status quo in their own countries, and get in touch with many other colleagues. Take this chance and join us on Monday morning! Please let us know in advance (via comments or email), if you are up for supervising one of the table discussions. This will be an even better opportunity for you to get actively involved with the topic and the participants. For all of you who are planning to attend: We have created a Facebook event for the session.

See you soon in Helsinki!

WLIC 2012

Update: printable program (pdf)

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