Cycling for Libraries: The Documentary

At the beginning of this summer a group of international librarians and library lovers rode their bikes from Copenhagen to Berlin in the first library unconference on bikes: Cycling for Libraries. It all started with an idea a group of enthusiast Finnish librarians had and a feeling that the passion for biking is perfectly compatible with that for libraries. So in less than a year the #cyc4lib idea became reality.

More than 70 of us met (most of us for the first time) in Copenhagen on May 28th. Then,  for the following nine days, together we biked, eat, talked about libraries & life, swam, visited libraries, slept and then biked some more. The trip was documented on the site, in the daily videos posted online and in the pictures everyone took. However, the time has come for the whole world to see the official video documentary of this trip.

Dear all, you are hereby cordially invited to the Worldwide online premiere of Cycling for libraries – The Documentary that will take place this Friday, 16th of September 17:00 GMT at

Cycling for Libraries: The documentary -Directed by: Tuomas Lipponen Film crew: Tuomas Lipponen, Panu Somerma, Ate Silvo, Mikko Helander, Watch online on 16th of September, 2011 at 5 p.m. CET

You can confirm your participation on the event’s Facebook page and follow the comments posted on Twitter #cyc4lib.

Hope you will enjoy the ride!


4 thoughts on “Cycling for Libraries: The Documentary

  1. Hi Michael,

    thanks for noticing that. I double checked with Tuomas and it seem that there is a small error on the poster they made for the film 😀 . The official hour is 17:00 GMT.

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