“beyond” the countdown, only 4 days left

The New Professionals these days don’t just lying on the beutuful beaches of San Juan. No No, they are very active people. And I bet they would even cycle to WLIC2011 in Puerto Rico if there where land connection.

Puerto Rico beach

Check out the video from Loida of the #cyc4lib event earlier this summer. You will meet some of them at the NPSIG off-site session “New Professionals beyond New Professionals – skills, needs and strategies of a new generation of LIS professionals“ on monday.

And dont forget to see the poster session this year. The craziest #cyc4lib cyclists will present the biggest IFLA poster ever. But there will be a lot of normal sized posters too, like the one from the green library.


cyc4lib poster wlic2011

P.S. Don’t forget your coins for the bus ride.


One thought on ““beyond” the countdown, only 4 days left

  1. Dear colleagues,
    We are happy to welcome you and would like to wish you all the best.

    In September this year we will celebrate 90th anniversary of the
    Central Library of the city of Khasavjurt, Republic Dagestan, Russia.
    It is a big event for our community. We have started getting ready for
    it a year in advance. You can read about it in our blog:
    http://haslib.blogspot.com/. The blog has a gadget which allows
    translating the text in many languages of the world.

    We will be thankful for your friendly greetings for the library’s
    anniversary. Foreign colleagues’ support on the festive day will give
    us new strength for achieving new successes.

    Post address of the library:
    Central Library
    6 A.Daibova Street
    Khasavjurt, Republic Dagestan
    368009 Russia

    It is preferable to also put the address in Russian:
    368009, Россия, Республика Дагестан, город Хасавюрт, улица А.Даибова,
    дом 6, центральная библиотека

    With the hope for the future productive cooperation,
    Elmir Yakubov,
    Central Library of the city of Khasavjurt director


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