“beyond” the countdown, only 6 days left

The numbers are rising steadily, as of today 66 participands have registered for the NPSIG off-site session “New Professionals beyond New Professionals – skills, needs and strategies of a new generation of LIS professionals“ on August 15 2011 in Puerto Rico at the IFLA WLIC2011. With such a surge in interested people it seems the message is comming around: New Professionals is the hot topic of this years IFLA.

IFLA wlic2011 blogger

As the word is spreading on all communication channels maybe you have time to look at IFLA’s newest award:

IFLA Communicator of the Year Award

2011 Call for Nominations

Less than TWO WEEKS remaining!
Deadline: 16 August 2011

With the design and implementation of its new website in 2009, IFLA follows modern communication trends and wants to stimulate new forms of news dissemination. Therefore the main professional communication channel for the Sections needs to shift from the traditional newsletters in print and PDF to the active use and maintenance of the Sections’ web pages under the IFLA domain and the use of social media, such as blogging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other relevant platforms by the Sections.

To stimulate this process IFLA is — as a follow-up of the IFLA Newsletter of the Year Award — now establishing the IFLA Communicator of the Year Award.

This award focuses on IFLA activities of any communicator of any IFLA group. It is important to note that the award is not to be perceived as a personal reward. The communicator awarded will have to be strongly affiliated with identifiable units of the organisational structure of IFLA and s/he will receive the award to highlight the achievements within the professional context.

The Award intends to:

  • Stimulate the change in communication
  • Promote new forms of communication
  • Stimulate regular renewal (innovation) of information & communication work of a particular professional unit
  • Review the activities of a particular professional unit from one conference to another

Criteria for evaluation

  • The use of social technology on webpages
  • The implementation of social technology in the website pages
  • The innovative way of conference or group profiling
  • The extension of outreach to a large audience that the group is able to establish
  • The use of multilingualism, inclusiveness and aesthetics/attractiveness.
  • The activities awarded will have to be identified for the year (12 months) between the IFLA conferences.

Who can win?

The new Award will go to a person instead of groups. This means that it can be handed to persons in the following roles:

  • Standing Committee Members
  • Section Members
  • Special Interest Group Members
  • Those active in Core Activities
  • Governing Board Members

IFLA Staff and Professional Committee Members may nominate individuals, but are excluded from being nominated themselves.

The IFLA Communicator 2011 Award will be announced at the Closing Session at the IFLA Congress in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Thursday 18 August 2011 by the Chair of the Professional Committee.

The prize consists of a scroll and a tangible award.

Nominations may only be submitted by means of the nomination form.

Please send as an attachment to awards@ifla.org by Tuesday, 16 August 2011.

IFLA Headquarters
The Hague, 7 June 2011

So if you can think of someone, however that might be, how deserves the award please feel free to let IFLA know.

P.S. Don’t forget your coins for the bus ride.


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