“beyond” the countdown, only 7 days left

IFLA WLIC2011 blogger

IFLA wlic2011 blogger If you are as exited as we from the IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group are about the upcoming #WLIC2011 in Purto Rico, you might wanna write about it, take pictures or even shoot some videos.

As an official registered IFLA blogger you can contribute to the endless stream of information engulfing the WLIC2011. And if you wanna become a New Professional IFLA blogger just register yourself for an wordpress account and request access to this very official NPSIG weblog. We heartily welcome you to our team of indefatigable bloggers providing the hottest and latest news to all the poor ones not able to join the WLIC2011 in the flesh.

We will of course cover extensively our very own off-site session “New Professionals beyond New Professionals – skills, needs and strategies of a new generation of LIS professionals“. With already 64 registered participants eager to discuss the latest in terms of New Professionalism in the field of LIS you won’t miss a thing.

IFLA blogger

P.S. Don’t forget your coins for the bus ride.


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