Registration open for NPSIG off-site session in Puerto Rico

We are inviting you the NPSIG off-site session at this year’s IFLA WLIC in San Juan: “New Professionals beyond New Professionals – skills, needs and strategies of a new generation of LIS professionals”.

In this session we want to examine the current generation of New Professionals from a variety of perspectives and showcase best practices from all over the world. Be prepared for an exciting three hour programme with an opening keynote by IFLA Past President Claudia Lux, thirteen short presentations, speed networking and much more!

The session will take place on Monday, August 15, from 9:45 to 12:45 in the conference room of the Madre María Teresa Guevara Library, University of Sacred Heart, San Juan.

As seats are limited, all participants are required to register. Please use the online registration form for this purpose.

For detailed information about the venue, the scope of the session, and our speakers have a look at the official event page.

See you soon in Puerto Rico!

Update: Lourdine kindly translated the Call for Registration into French. Thanks very much!


One thought on “Registration open for NPSIG off-site session in Puerto Rico

  1. The hashtag for the IFLA Congress in Puerto Rico is #wlic2011

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    1. tagging your posts wlic2011 so we can add them to our Activity Stream
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