New Librarians International/National Association Activity and Career Attitudes Survey

In 2007, individuals from five continents answered a survey about new librarians, leadership, library associations and professional futures. Results including a proposed plan of action were published under the title “International Perspectives of the New Librarian Experience,” (Feliciter, Issue #2, 2007). This year we are following up on that survey and kindly asking for help in finding out more about the perspectives of new librarians from different regions of the world.

Recently, library associations from a number of countries have developed various initiatives to introduce new librarians to their group’s existence, include them in their activities, develop their careers, and encourage them to stay in the profession. This brief, general survey intends to measure the success of these initiatives. Findings will be presented at library associations’ conferences and discussed in journal articles.

Please, take a few minutes to answer the survey. It will be available until March 15. Answers are confidential. Participants will remain anonymous.

link to the survey

Thanks for your participation!

Loida Garcia-Febo and Robin Kear


Loida: Coordinator, Special Services, Queens Library, N.Y.
ALA IFRT Chair, ALA Membership Meetings Committee Chair, ALA Councilor-at-Large
IFLA FAIFE Secretary, IFLA NPSIG, REFORMA Immediate Past President 2009-2010


Robin: Reference/Instruction Librarian, University of Pittsburgh, PA
ALA IRRT Connections Committee Chair, ALA Website Advisory Committee Round Table Rep, ALA LIRT Website Advisory Committee, ACRL Instruction Section Awards Committee Member



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