Questionnaire on Advocacy

by Federica Marangio

Dear all,

I would be very grateful if you could devote a few minutes of your time to this survey. It focuses on new ways of social media/new professionals/skills and competencies of new professionals and will be used as input for our workshop at the BOBCATSSS symposium in Hungary in January 2011.

New forms of collaboration are linking people and resources. They enable everyone to take part in cultural environments regardless of whether the aim is education, to experience or to engage in creative activities. No matter where one lives, if you commit yourself in a healthy, international and modern environment you make your system more vibrant and contribute to its growth and improvement.

The respondents I am looking for are new/senior professionals and students.

You are very welcome to contribute and to take the survey by the 6th of January. It can be found here.

I will make sure that your voice will be heard at BOBCATSSS 2011 where the survey results will be presented. Thanks so much for your collaboration!

Best regards,


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