BOBCATSSS 2011: NPSIG workshop “This is how we do it”

After the fantastic conference last year in Parma, we are already looking very forward to the next edition of BOBCATSSS which will be taking place in Szombathely, Hungary, from 31 Jan to 2 Feb 2011!


We would like to invite you to another exciting NPSIG workshop, this time including a cross-over from library advocacy through social networking to skills and competencies of New Professionals. Our session will be introduced by a presentation about Advocating for libraries with new advocates. Starting from the concept of advocacy, the paper will focus on new ways of social media as well as skills and competencies of New Professionals. The findings are based on a survey among new and seasoned professionals.

In the following active part of the workshop, we want to explore what these new skills and ways of networking are all about. Can we break it down into a New Professional prototype? Are there different behaviors in different regions of the world? Let’s get creative and find out! For this purpose, the participants will be asked to split up in groups and to discuss these new ways of communicating and collaborating within the profession from their own perspective.  Roving moderators will assist. The goal of this task is to come up with certain basic skills of “The 2011 New Professional” and to visually capture this person in an illustrative drawing. Finally, each group presents its image to the plain audience explaining all the ideas and details that came up during the discussion. The outcomes of the workshop may also be followed up through a paper at the IFLA Congress 2011 in Puerto Rico and a wrap-up in the NPSIG’s social media channels.

See you soon in Hungary!

P.S.:  The early bird discount for BOBCATSSS 2011 is closing tomorrow (15 Dec). So hurry up, if you haven’t registered yet! 😉

8 thoughts on “BOBCATSSS 2011: NPSIG workshop “This is how we do it”

  1. I am a library assistant at Savanna Agric. Research Institute, here in Ghana. Surfing through the net a fond your plan workshop and i am wandering how i can participate.

    Hope to hear from you.

    • Hi there,

      it is quite late now (sorry for the delay), but the direct way would be to attend BOBCATSSS. Otherwise, you should definitely take part in the short survey that will provide a good base for the workshop: (only available until today). Afterwards, we will give a summary on the outcome in this blog for sure! If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding the topic you would like to share, please let us know and we will take it to Szombathely. 😉

      All the best,

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