Shimenawa: “Get in the goddamn wagon”

Did you see this blogpost titled Get in the goddamn wagon at Shimenawa? It is calling new professionals to stand up, because the library directors, assistant library directors nor library associations (including IFLA i assume) are too stuck in their credit systems and strategies that they cannot achieve change. Inertia is lost. What do you think? If invading the associations and institutions is not a good way, then what is? In the comments Eric Hellman is proposing building new institutions. I don’t see that happening anytime soon, since an “institution” itself is a concept of the romantic past. We must build a romantic future LOL!

All in all i think there’s a massive, massive hype about need for “change”, but beyond that i find it hard to come across what this “change” should actually produce. Perhaps i’m reading all the wrong discussions, the ones where “change” is the goal itself. I appreciate that of course (like every postmodern subject does 😉 but that is quite hard to put on the an agenda and actually pursue, let alone reach. Several issues can be filtered from this post, one is that the library directors are staying in the positions for decades. If that is not what we librarians want, should we try put a cap on that? 5 years max? Can new professionals for example agree to publicly and vocally boycott any positions, where the boss has been in the position for more than that?

By the 10th or so comment the discussion has turned toward ALA and ARL funding accreditation policies or whatever.

In the comments WoodsieGirl links to LIS New Professional Network (LISNPN), a website for new pros from the UK. I haven’t seen this before and looks lively, do take a look! If  you have something like this your self, please let it be known.  We have a closed Facebook -group called Nuorkirjastolaiset in Finland.

(Get in the goddamn wagon via Veera Ristikartano)


One thought on “Shimenawa: “Get in the goddamn wagon”

  1. I think we schoud boycott any positions where the boss has been in the position for more than some (around 10) years because we don’t have any time to loose to bring change to the system. The old lag retires probably along with his institution.
    Radical change is definitely in need.

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