The IFLA storytelling get-together

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Do you have a story that you want to share?
Any kind of story, in any language: We want to hear it!

Join us for the very informal and highly friendly IFLA storytelling get-together Saturday, August 14, at 16.00 hours in the hallway of the F Rooms at the IFLA Congress Center. If you will be attending the General assembly and will be voting in the IFLA elections at that time, you are welcome to join us later in the afternoon.

Bring a story and enjoy stories from all over the world!

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4 thoughts on “The IFLA storytelling get-together

  1. Thanks very much for sharing your insights, Magdalena! Now I got a really good idea of your storytelling get-together. It sounds lovely!

  2. I wished I could have joined you, but instead I was caught up in “important” IFLA politics. But maybe, oh no, definitely next time.

  3. I’ve been to yesterday’s storytelling get-together, and I think it was superb! We met at the Hallway of F rooms, as announced, just next to the Swedish Library Arena, where we soon afterwards gathered. Around a table, in a friendly atmosphere, a group of people from many parts of the world sat relaxedly, yet eager to listen to the stories each of one had to tell.
    It was Claudia who broke the ice with a very coulourful story set in a far-away forest so vividly described that we could even feel its humidity while almost imperceptible raindrops fell down over us. After her, a colleague from Brazil entertained us with an amusing story full of animals and onomatopoeias. Now the setting was a farm, in agricultural Brazil, and we all set our minds free to imagine a landscape perhaps quite different from that of one’s own countries’. Three young librarians from Netherlands told us many stories on St. Nicholas, highlighting the importance of these tales to the children in their communities. We could even hear them sing their songs from childhood in Dutch, which was truly emotive. Every story took us to some imaginary landscape of childhood, either actually seen in the past, or described, or read, or created by one’s own experiences back then. By this time, the Swedish Library Arena had closed, and we moved to the park opposite the Congress venue.
    In the park we still had time to share more stories from all over the world. Feeling comfortable enough, we even shared some personal, intimate experiences. Also social and political issues aroused. We learnt that in some regions same stories are chanted by different communities, though slightly changed, and each community claims to be the owner of the “true” version. Discussions and riots may come up as a result of this, which led us to ponder on who-owns-it issues, such as those presented today by Ismail Abdullahi, who quoted: “Nobody owns the story, it’s the story who owns us”, to which we would add: “as long as one is capable of enjoying it”. The closing story was Claudia’s. And this time she guided us to the arid lands of Arabia, were elephants always have something beautifully wise to say. To wrap up our child-world immersion, we visited Liseberg Park. For free. And in real-time, actually!! Though I guess all the fantasies stirred during the afternoon hovered sweetly around us for quite a while.

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