Gothenburg city library tour

All the IFLA participants will be given an opportunity to do one library visit. There are several library visits that they can choose during the registration. One of them is Gothenburg city library tour that location within walking distance from the conference center, the tour itself is conducted at 9.30 and 13.30. The first tour starts at 9.30 and depart from the conference center. The group consist of 25 people. Actually there were more participants that like to join the  tour but they haven’t registered yet, so only some people who can join the group.

The group was guided by the city library staffs, and we went to the accessible media section, that specially designed for users with impaired vision, reading and writing dificulties. There were many collections that support the disable such as  Daisy talking books, easy to read books, books in large type, tactile books for visual impaired children, and collection for dyslectic. Users can download some daisy talking books from home.

Another interesting area is the parliament corner, the corner not only provides collection regarding of Sweden parliamentary, but also as a place where the people in the parliament can interact with the community. They can meet and talking directly with their community. That is a good idea for government to use public library to get closer with their communities.


2 thoughts on “Gothenburg city library tour

  1. the library is very convenience and strategically located in the center of attraction, that’s hardly found in Indonesia public libraries. it’s glad for me to have the library tour session to see warm and artistic public library design with powerful collections.

  2. A nice library indeed. I enjoyed reading some German newspapers and conversing at the fabulous IFLA Night Spot the free WiFi but not the paid toilet so much.

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