Food. Food. Food.

For all you food lovers out there, Gothenburg is your city. Whether it is Thai food you are looking for or pasta, Gothenburg will not disappoint, but they might surprise you. 

Let’s just start with this fact: Sweden consumes more bananas than any other country in the world. We learned this on a boat trip the first night I was in Gothenburg. Although this fact is impressive, what makes it more so is how they use their bananas. 

For example, seven of us went to the restaurant Picasso for dinner tonight. Once this restaurant was spotted down a side street off the main street, we thought this was an apt choice after our trip to the art museum. On the menu: a pizza consisting of ham, curry, and yes, bananas. When a few of us wrinkled our noses at this combination, LeAnne, who has much experience with Sweden since she used to live her, has a Swedish husband, and vacations here every summer with her in-laws, assured us it was good–and indeed, it was surprisingly good. Yes, bananas (and curry) on a pizza–surprisingly good. 

LeAnne then told us about a Swedish recipe she cooks: chicken, curry, bananas, and cream baked to perfection. Again, I thought, this doesn’t sound appealing, but after the curry, ham, banana pizza, I have to believe LeAnne when she says it is good. 

If you have any Swedish recipes involving bananas, I would love to hear about them. If these two meals are any indication of how they use bananas in Sweden, I can easily see how they would consume the most bananas in the world–easily. 


4 thoughts on “Food. Food. Food.

  1. I made banana pizza twice so far, but without any recipe. Just cover the dough with a tiny layer of pizza tomatoes, then spread lots of banana slices, curry powder (as much as you want) and finally shredded cheese such as Gouda or Mozzarella. If the pizza has the size of your baking tray, go for the bananas in one of the corners and you won’t have to think about a tasty dessert anymore. 😉

  2. Sebastian, I didn’t have the Gothenburg Hot Dog/mashed potato special, but I heard it was fantastic! In hindsight, I should have at least tried it! In the states, we might put pineapple on our pizza, but I had never heard of putting banana on them before until Sweden. I loved it though! This particular pizza was called the Afrikaner. When you say you’ve tried these pizzas with bananas, are you making them? If so, do you have a recipe that uses the banana and curry that I could see?

    You are right, Deichel, no one was starving at IFLA. All around, it was a very impressive conference!

  3. Lately I have tried bananas on pizza (with curry, some tomatoes, and cheese) which worked out quite well. But I didn’t know that you can find this kind of combination in Sweden, too. Do you remember a special name for this pizza?

    As for my Swedish culinary experience, I really enjoyed cinnamon rolls, Köttbullar and a Gothenburg Hot Dog Special including mashed potatoes. 😉

  4. No one is starving at IFLA thats for sure. But all I recognized is the fish in nearly every dish and I lie bananas so much.
    There is an old book:
    Erik (Bullen) Berglund: Fyffesfinesser av Bullen. Utgivna av A.-B. Banan-Kompaniet. En samling recept baserade på bananer. Hrsg. von: AB Banan-Kompaniet, Göteborg 1930/40.
    But I couldn’t find it anywhere.

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