You are the future: Library associations and new librarians

Some notes from the presentation.

Dr. Petra Hauke, Berlin School of Library and Information Science
Michaela Jobb, Hertie School of Governance, LIS Master student

Mobile new LIS generation – How to internationalize incoming carreers

Information and communication are the two pillars of libraries.
New librarians should visit international conferences, be part of international networks and seek internships far away. When they come home they have gathered new knowledge they can use at home.

In Germany BI-international which is a Federal Association of German Library and Information Associations which helps young professionals to exchange, knowledge and ideas. They offer financial support and facilitate German visits abroad and visits to Germany.

BOBCATSSS is an annual symposium completely organized by LIS students from Easterna nd Western European Universities under the auspice of EUCLID, targeted at LIS students, LIS teachers and (young) professionals. BOBCATSSS 2011 in Szombathely, Hungary, January 31 – February 2.

IFLA LIS Student Paper Award to encourage students to submit papers and participate in IFLA activities. The prize includes a trip to the IFLA conference (registration fee, airfare and hotel), publication in the IFLA journal and 1 year membership. Papers will be reviewed on relationship to the submitted section, relevant discussion of current issues etc. Soon 2011 call for papers, see Official ceremony for the award will be this week, Thursday 12 Augustus, 9:30-10:45 in the Congressen Hall.

IFLA – “Adopt a student!” to bring together LIS bachelor and master students and LIS/IFLA professionals by funding one year membership to the IFLA, registration fee for one section and encouragement to participate in sections and the IFLA. There are now 69 sponsors, and 55 students. The network is also on Linked In. A poster session about this will be presented on 12 – 13 August 12:00-14:00 in the exhibition hall.

Welcome Reception with IFLA president Ellen Tise.

Question from the audience, are there plans to support students after graduation, the young professionals, because there seems to be much help for students, but not for young professionals.
A: The adopt a student program has just started, so we will see how it goes. It also depends on what the sponsors want to do. We mainly bring people together and then they decide what happens.
Remark from audience: The focus of the program is not general mentoring, but mentoring on how to get involved in the IFLA, not how to be a young professional. And these are two very different things.
A: This can be the start, but there is no limit where the adoption will end.

2 thoughts on “You are the future: Library associations and new librarians

  1. I think its a really good way to reach out to students with the IFLA Adopt a Student program.

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