BOBCATSSS 2010 reports

In the current issue of the “New Library world” two articles are reporting from the BOBCATSSS symposium this year. The NPSIG Workshop is mentioned in both.

Sara P. Robinson and Catherine Westwood “Symposium report: BOBCATSSS 2010” (New Library World, volume 111, issue 7/8):

At the IFLA workshop, “Bridging the gap-involving new professional in the international development of our profession in the digital world,” participants were provided with information and IFLA’s mission statement, which lead to a brainstorming session about the support and recruitment of new professionals at a national and international level. The results of these discussions were fed into the panel discussion the following day, which featured presentations focusing on the LIS teaching and career opportunities for new information professionals.

They also mention the bicycle rental at the symposium, a theme that grows stronger in the library community.

In an effort to promote a “green” BOBCATSSS, bicycles were provided for free hire from the symposium venues; these proved to be very popular with symposium participants.

In the other article from Elena Corradini, “BOBCATSSS 2010 in Parma, Italy – Bridging the digital divide: libraries providing access for all?” (New Library World, volume 111, issue 7/8), the NPSIG workshop is mentioned as well:

“Bridging the gap: involving new professionals in the international development of our profession in the digital world”, initially prepared by Almuth Gastinger (Norway) and Sebastian Wilke (Germany), then co-presented by Ellen Tise, the IFLA President.


3 thoughts on “BOBCATSSS 2010 reports

  1. Yea, we all should love each other. And it’s just a positive expression unlike in Germany.

  2. I also know some danish library-conference provided bikes for all participants to explore the city with. BTW if anyone reading this hasn’t got a way for accessing those articles linked above (both links point to Closed Access, not Open Access publication), e-mail me at and i’ll forward them to you. I call it ILL; Inter-Librarian Love 😉

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