The Global Librarian – Programme available!

The Global Librarian

presented by

IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group

and IFLA Management of Library Associations Section

with support from the School of Library and Information Science, University of Borås

Registration has opened for this satellite conference being held in the lively city of Boras.  The conference venue will be the University of Boras which is conveniently located one hour by train from the WLIC venue, Gothenburg. The satellite conference will start at 8:30 a.m. with registration, and will end at 4:30 p.m. with a networking session.

New librarians are positioning themselves as library leaders in academia, libraries, and professional associations. This event aims to address key themes and leading trends to provide library services while changing attitudes and expectations on the way. The conference organising committee wishes to showcase examples of best practice in how to develop new leaders, services, and inclusion of new professionals in decision-making processes through both research based scholarly presentations and experiential and practical stories of successes and lessons learned.


August 9, 2010

8:30-9:30 Registration and coffee

9:30-11:00 Welcome

Opening Keynote by The Shanachies.

11:00-12:00 First round of presentations:

a. Innovation right from the start: Library School model in the Netherlands

  • Rob Bruijnzeels, Dutch Public Library Association/VOB
  • Dr. Marlies Bitter-Rijpkema, CELSTEC, Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies Open University (of the Netherlands)
  • Dr. Steven Verjans, CELSTEC/Open University of the Netherlands

b. You are the future: Library associations and new librarians

  • Dr. Petra Hauke, Berlin School of Library and Information Science

  • Michaela Jobb, Hertie School of Governance

c. Do the cross-over: new librarian’s views from three countries: Barbados, Romania and Eatern Europe

  • Jessica C. Lewis, The University of the West Indies

  • Meaghan O’Connor, Program Coordinator for IREX Global Libraries

12:00-1:30 Lunch

1:30-2:30 Second round of presentations

a. Catch me if you can: the challenges of becoming a truly mobile, real-time librarian

  • Dierk Eichel, Student at the Department of Information Science at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam
  • Diana Müller, University Library Marburg

b. Sparking the career boost: how to internationalize your career

  • Robin Kear, University of Pittsburgh
  • Hella Klauser, Network Expertise for Libraries International Cooperation

2:30-3:30 Third round of presentations

a. Extremely globalized and incredibly connected: how new librarian’s communities stay organized in today’s world

  • Corinna Sepke and Miriam Hoelscher,Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart
  • Jenny Emanuel, University of Illinois

b. Lessons learned: practical tips for new librarians worldwide

  • Veronica L. C. Stevenson-Moudamane, California

3:30 Closing Keynote by Pernille Drost, President of the Danish Union of Librarians

How library associations and library decision makers could work things out to retain, meet expectations and needs, and involve new members in their work.

4:15 Networking drinks

Conference Convenors:

Loida Garcia-Febo and Tania Barry

For further information about “The Global Librarian” please visit the official conference website.


3 thoughts on “The Global Librarian – Programme available!

  1. Aah fantastic programme, incredibly relevant to the discource we’ve had in Finland. I hope many colleagues, students, faculty staff and most importantly activists will participate and i’ll try to spread the message and invite them to Borås. See you in august, and bring your bikes 🙂

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