Sharing experiences, getting inspired, staying connected! – Call for action

One of the main goals of the NPSIG is to connect New Professionals globally. In our opinion sharing knowledge and experiences about ongoing projects, initiatives, conferences, and other professional activities forms an integral part of the process. Whether local, national or international, every story has its own benefits for the community when being shared. Even more, when it is told by New Professionals who are involved on-site.

Therefore we are very happy that the first report about such a professional experience is soon to appear in this blog! In the near future we would like to showcase various stories on a regular basis. So if you are working on an interesting project, have been to an exciting conference or want to share your thoughts about anything else related, you are invited to spread your personal experience to all the New Professionals out there. 😉 Just let us know. The more we learn from each other, the stronger our community will become.


2 thoughts on “Sharing experiences, getting inspired, staying connected! – Call for action

  1. I can’t believe I’ve only just stumbled across this site tonight. This is something I’m passionate about – being excited by my profession & oxygenating the more “established” librarians to become inspired to seek out opportunities and make the necessary changes required to lead libraries into the next century. I’m always trying to convince people to write about the projects they are involved with and share their incites & passion. This is what our profession needs – MORE PASSION!!!!

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