IFLA New Professionals Update

Dear colleagues:

I hope everyone had a good summer.

Below, I’ve included a summary of activities for the IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group.

From this, I’d like to highlight the partnership with the Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning (CPDWL) to present a Satellite Meeting in Bologna. It was wonderful to work with members of CPDWL. Their expertise and experience tremendously helped New Professionals to move forward with the co-organization of the first-ever IFLA Satellite Meeting involving new professionals!!

I’d like to specially thank Susan Schnuer, Chair of CPDWL; Roisin Gwyer Co-Chair of the Satellite Meeting in Bologna, Jana Varlejs, Co-Editor of the Proceedings. Also, the local organizing committee led by Marialaura Vignocchi.

Big thank yous also to Almuth Gastinger and David Percival from the New Professionals SIG moderated sessions and presented interesting and timely programmes.
Summary of activities:

Transition from Discussion Group to Special Interest Group

IFLA New Professionals Discussion Group (NPDG) successfully became a Special Interest Group (NPSIG) in December of 2008 with Johanna Ball as a Convenor, and Andrew Cranfield and Loida Garcia-Febo as advisors. The former NPDG was established in 2004 during the IFLA Congress in Buenos Aires. The names of 25 librarians from nine countries were listed as part of the requirements to become a SIG. These have become the NPSIG Network and are consulted about programs and initiatives.

Partnership with Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning (CPDWL)

Satellite Meeting in Bologna

“Moving In, Moving Up, and Moving On: Strategies for Regenerating the Library and Information Profession”

18-20 August, 2009

Co-Chairs Rosin Gwyer from CPDWL and Loida Garcia-Febo from NPSIG

  • A Networking session was moderated by Dave Percival from NPSIG on August 18.
  • Loida Garcia-Febo greeted attendees on August 19 and Chaired Closing Session on August 20.
  • Members of the NPSIG Network Almuth Gastinger and Dave Percival Chaired two sessions each.
  • More than 80 people attended the satellite meeting
  • Proceedings published: Strategies for Regenerating the Library and Information Profession

Link to call for proposals: http://www.ifla.org/annual-conference/ifla75/satellite-cpdwl-call-en.htm

Conference Presentations:  http://www.ifla.org/en/cpdwl/8th-world-conference

Link to CPDWL website: http://www.ifla.org/en/cpdwl/standing-committee

Program at the IFLA Congress in Milan

“Creating a Positive Environment for a Multi-generational Library and Information Workforce”

August 24, 2009


  • Report from the satellite meeting in Bologna by Jana Varlejs (CPDWL) and Loida Garcia-Febo (NPSIG)
  • The baby manages the boomers and beyond: new library administrators managing older workers in small library setting by Joanna Kluever and Wayne Finley (USA)
  • Preparing for the next generation librarianship: innovations to tailor library and information workforce to match the new environment in Makerere University (Uganda) by Alison Annet Kinengyere (and Gorreti K. Tumuhairwe
  • E-learning in the building of a multi-generational workplace learning community: observations drawn from practice by Matilde Fontanin (Italy)
  • All dressed up and no place to go: addressing the under-classification of librarians and creating opportunities for development in an academic library by Vanessa Warren (Australia)

Online Presence:

  • The NPSIG actively tweeted the IFLA Congress.

Plan for the IFLA Congress in Göteburg:

One-day event during the Congress titled “The Global Librarian.”  This would focus on how to “internationalise” your career or professional development, the new librarian paradigm, mobile librarian, real-time librarian, and advocating for library associations to include new professionals in their agenda. Stay tuned!!

Next steps:

In order to reach out to more new professionals and to allow their involvement with IFLA and the SIG, the NPSIG is re-structuring to add a web-based component to the description of the SIG. This might include virtual community, webinars, videos, Facebook page and YouTube channel. We are considering all of these.

To ensure a successful agenda the NPSIG intends to strengthen collaboration with CPDWL and MLAs, and explore collaboration with other IFLA sections.

If you’d like to be part of IFLA New Professionals– email me directly.

Join our listserv today!  http://infoserv.inist.fr/wwsympa.fcgi/info/npdg-l

Best regards,

Loida Garcia-Febo


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